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  1. Angus

    Why would you post this? It is disgusting that a cast member violated policy and, for whatever reason or purpose, posted it on shoal media!! Are YOU trying to sensationalize your blog? Again, disgusting!!

  2. It is a breach of contract. From the day you are hired you were told no pictures or videos taken from backstage at Disney. This is a breach of contract. Anyone in violation of this should be terminated immediately. I’m a retired cast member and I have seen people fired because they took pictures backstage. Videos like this are reason to terminate immediately.

  3. Keven Toscano

    Yes I think Disney should take action, especially if it was so written into their contracts

  4. MickeyD

    I worked in the sewing room at Disneyland and we had a TP vendor in the room to do facility/construction. In the middle of my shift our director came charging in and politely asking the crew to step outside. A little while later she made a reminder speech to all of us that taking pictures and especially posting pictures on social media is strictly prohibited and you will be tracked down.

    My fellow cast member told me about the time her granddaughter saw Mickey take off their head backstage as the parade gate was closing and how she started crying about Mickey was dead.

    Why would you post this?

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