‘The Flash’ Project Greenlit by Warner Bros. Despite Box Office Flop

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The Flash stands with Batman and Supergirl in a poster for 'The Flash'

Credit: DC Studios

Less than a month after The Flash (2023) flopped at the box office, a brand-new ride is coming inspired by the speedster superhero.

This year hasn’t been the best year for The Flash. Despite being one of DC’s most popular superheroes, Barry Allen’s solo film failed to make an impression on either critics or fans. As of July 5, it’s grossed just $247 million worldwide against a budget of up to $220 million and is estimated to have lost Warner Bros. approximately $200 million. Yikes.

Ezra Miller suited up as 'The Flash' in the new 'The Flash' DC movie
Credit: DC Studios

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The film’s failure has been attributed to several factors. A huge one is the legal troubles surrounding its main star, Ezra Miller, who has been accused of assault, burglary, harassment, and more over the past few years, leading to mass calls for Warner Bros. to fire them from the film.

Another major contributor is the fact that the film just isn’t very good. According to the internet, at least. The Flash has had a bad reputation on Twitter since its release, with its CGI (which the director claims is bad on purpose), misjudged cameos, and OTT fan service drumming up the most controversy. Any potential sequels now seem impossible – especially considering the fact that DC is rebooting its cinematic universe soon anyway with Superman: Legacy (2025), providing the perfect opportunity to sweep this entry under the rug.

Ezra Miller smiling as the Flash
Credit: DC Studios.

Despite the bad vibes around The Flash right now, Warner Bros. just announced another project inspired by the comic book franchise. Warner Bros. Movie World – a theme park on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia – is set to open The Flash: Speed Force in 2024.

The new roller coaster will make use of an existing track previously operated under the name Surfrider at Wet’n’Wild Water World, which is a part of the same resort as Warner Bros. Movie World. Surfrider was a halfpipe shuttle coaster that opened in 2007 and closed in 2020.

Concept art for the new Flash ride at Warner Bros. Movie World in Queensland, Australia
Credit: Warner Bros. Movie World

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Warner Bros. Movie World is promoting The Flash: Speed Force as the southern hemisphere’s first “ride-within-a-ride” experience in the southern hemisphere. The ride will be surrounded by the track of the Park’s Superman Escape roller coaster.

Like the rest of Warner Bros. Movie World’s DC-themed rides, it’s safe to assume that this attraction is inspired more by the comic books than the film. Considering the current numbers for The Flash, it’s tough to imagine that there will ever be a ride that draws on Miller’s take on Barry Allen for inspiration – at least in this universe.

The Flash: Speed Force will open in April 2024.

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