Jamie Lee Curtis Slams DeSantis, Supports Disney’s Stance on Children

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Academy Award Winner, and Hollywood icon, recently made a solemn promise to defend her child’s “right to exist.”

Angela Bassett disappointed, Jamie Lee Curtis ecstatic
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Horror Film and Disney Icon Continues Using Her Voice

Many fans know Jamie Lee Curtis from Scream Queens as the quirky Dean turned hospital administrator. Curtis is also known for her SAG award and having a Golden Globe.

Other fans know the Hollywood icon Jamie Lee for her role in Halloween or various other slashers, working alongside the likes of Michael Myers during Halloween Ends. The Academy Award recognition aside, Jamie Lee Curtis remains a mother in real life—not just to Lindsay Lohan on Freaky Friday.

Left: Jamie Lee Curtis poses with her Oscar on the red carpet. Right: Jamie Lee Curtis walks hand in hand with her daughter, Ruby Curtis.

Disney Star Jamie Lee Curtis Defends Child Against DeSantis Politics

A recent news report from the Washington Examiner highlights the motherly instincts of Jamie Lee Curtis was quick to speak up about her child, Ruby. DeSantis policies in Florida and LGBTQ discrimination have surrounded Disney throughout the “woke wars.”

Many actors feel compelled to speak out. JK Rowling takes the anti-trans perspective, siding entirely with Ron DeSantis. Conversely, Jamie Lee Curtis used her powerful voice to do some good, within reason.

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Jamie Lee Curtis won best supporting actress for role in the movie
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Academy Award for Everything Everywhere All at Once: Jamie Lee Curtis Uses Her Voice

Jamie Lee Curtis earned a Best Supporting Actress accolade for the role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, starring alongside Michelle Yeoh, Jenny Slate, Ke Huy Quan, and Stephanie Hsu. Curtis used her red carpet platform for good; taking the chance to shout from the Beverly Hills rooftops about her unabashed support for her child.

Jamie Lee Curtis went on to request the pronouns for the idol be “they/them.” This is a show of support for the pride movement and her child. The Los Angeles environment and the SAG award ceremony literally give the actress a platform. And Jamie Lee used it well.

Horror Film Icon a Vocal Disney Supporter

According to Jamie Lee Curtis, the support for Disney couldn’t be stronger (nor the distaste for DeSantis politics). While the actress and Los Angeles Academy Award icon is vocal about supporting both Disney and her child, the actress also noted that she wants to be educated about what “the other opinion is.”

Jamie Lee Curtis
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For Jamie Lee Curtis, Motherhood Comes First

Acknowledging that parenting is more of a challenge than the iconic Michael Myers, Jamie Lee, horror movies idol notes the changing landscape and the importance of parenting. It takes Prom Night to a whole new level, off the red carpet award scene, and into the parenting reward landscape.

Jamie Lee Curtis states, “I love the way the Disney gently supports and INCLUDES ALL of their patrons.” Vocal about support for diversity, the actress and horror film megastar used her award to show that not all of Hollywood supports DeSantis’s approach.

What do you think about the “they/them” pronouns movement? Share your take in the comments below!

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