‘Deadpool 3’ Will Reportedly Bring Back Classic ‘X-Men’ Characters

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There have been a lot of rumors and news about Deadpool 3, which have been tied to the film’s rumored plot. However, just today, it was announced that Jennifer Garner would return to the film as Elektra. She did appear alongside Ben Affleck in Daredevil, who we also reported is returning as the titular character. It has been reported that two classic X-Men actors are joining the MCU film as well.

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To start things off, let’s begin with the rumored plot for the upcoming Deadpool film. The rumor is that Deadpool finds a way to steal Cable’s time machine and goes back or forth to stop Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) from dying. We imagine forward if Wade Wilson finds his way to the events of Logan, then somehow takes Wolverine back with him.

Either way, this leads to Deadpool messing with the Multiverse, resulting in him being hunted down by the TVA. There have been plenty of rumors that Loki and Deadpool 3 cross with one another, which could lead to Mobius and Loki hunting down the time-traveling Merc with the Mouth.

Considering this is the first time that Deadpool has been brought into the MCU, and Disney/Marvel now owns the majority of the characters that had existed before, it would make perfect sense for the fourth-wall-breaking character to want to make fun of practically every superhero that came before him. Even Ryan Reynolds voiced his want to see James Marsden and Halle Berry return to their roles of Cyclops and Storm.

However, these are not the classic X-Men actors rumored to be joining the anticipated sequel.

Magneto and Professor Xavier Will Reportedly Be In ‘Deadpool 3’

Per the insider, MyTimeToShineHello, it has been revealed that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will be reprising their roles as Professor Xavier and Magento. It is not shocking that Stewart would return to the MCU, as he recently appeared as a variant of his character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Though the Scarlet Witch mercilessly killed him, that was only one timeline version of the character. He could keep reappearing in the MCU, which we all hoped would happen, though we are unsure about his function in Deadpool 3. Deadpool also has ties to the past X-Men films, as he first appeared in X-Men Origins – Wolverine (2009). Though that version of the character was far sillier, it was the catalyst that led to Ryan Reynolds playing the man in two other entries.

The bigger surprise of this report is that Ian McKellen is set to return as Magneto. Though none of the other X-Men characters have yet to be revealed, it will be hilarious if this report is accurate. We imagine Deadpool traveling through various timelines where Wolverine may have existed, resulting in him ending up in the days of Fox and their X-Men movies.

With so many possibilities and characters, it appears that Deadpool 3 might be trying to one-up films like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, by adding multiple timeline versions of characters that may or may not be in the current MCU. Either way, we hope this film is not doing too much, making it too messy.

Then again, this is precisely what would happen in a Deadpool MCU film. He would just make fun of people until said people hurt him. It wouldn’t matter, as he regenerates anyway. We are rather excited to see Professor Xavier and Magneto return, though.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X
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What would be even more hilarious is if this is how the MCU decides to incorporate the mutants fully into the franchise. Though Namor from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ms. Marvel have been categorized as mutants, the X-Men have yet to make their mark. Marvel could allow this sequel to blow the door open on their arrival in the funniest way imaginable.

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