Claiming “Excruciating Pain”, Guest Sues Disney

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Guest files lawsuit against Disney for monorail incident

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The adage goes, “It’s the moving parts that break.” Theme parks are almost entirely moving pieces, and one visitor got to experience that firsthand (in a bad way). The result is a massive lawsuit against Disney that just got filed.

Epcot at night
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Lawsuits Surrounding Disney Theme Parks

The Walt Disney Company isn’t exactly a stranger to lawsuits. It’s been a defendant. It’s been the suing party. Like every other massive company, Disney encounters everything from misdemeanor offenses in the parks to recent lawsuits with Florida.

It’s currently embroiled in one Class Action lawsuit about alleged wage disparity across gender lines. Another lawsuit surrounds Disney allegedly misleading shareholders. In this case, it’s a painful incident that the accuser claims is the result of Disney’s “failing to properly maintain safety conditions” and other specifics.

Guest files lawsuit against Disney for monorail incident
Credit: Disney

Guest Files Lawsuit Against Disney for “Permanent Injury”

On March 24, 2023, an individual visited EPCOT and rode the monorail. The filings show claims the doors didn’t work properly and “slammed shut” on their body. This allegedly caused “excruciating pain” for the claimant. As with most civil suits, the damages alleged “permanent injury” due to the malfunction. The lawsuit, filed on July 5, 2023, asks for damages exceeding $50,000.

It’s not the first time the monorail’s experienced an incident. In 2009 there was a fatal collision between two trains. This incident was much different, where the claimant says there was a poor response to the crisis. According to the individual, the monorail captain used the intercom to state that there was a malfunction and the system needed a reset.

Picture of Disney logo alongside a court from Alice in Wonderland as a class action against the Walt Disney Company proceeds
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Settling vs. Court

There are many ways to address a lawsuit, and Disney has an entire team of legal experts. An opportunity to settle outside of court avoids a drawn-out procedure and generally sweeps the issue away from public attention quickly. A day in court involves a lengthy process.

In Florida, the defendant, Disney, in this case, must serve an answer within 20 days after getting done. There remains plenty of time for the next steps, which will ultimately determine the trajectory of the lawsuit against Disney. The monorail is currently closed for refurbishment.

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