California Theme Park Offers Chance to “Live Forever”

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Guests can now “become immortal” at a California theme park as part of a new charity venture in The Golden State.

Kitchen at Legoland California house
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“Live” Forever in a Life-Sized LEGOLAND

There are Legoland theme parks across the globe. The popularity of the classic Lego brick was an international phenomenon. It inspired Legoland to brick together theme Park spots in Denmark, Dubai, Korea, the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan, and Deutschland.

Legoland in Denmark, California, and the Legoland Florida Resort saw an uptick in interest thanks to The Lego Movie and its popularity in the United States. There are Legoland theme Park locations across the globe.

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Details for the Immortalized LEGOLAND Home

The opportunity to “live” in LEGOLAND at its California location is new to Guests, and it’s not for everyone. Its “Stay & Play” package just got a bit more interesting, as Legoland’s United States spot introduced a new attraction that promises Legoland infamy to those who win the competition.

Legoland California is offering fans the chance to “live” in polymer immortality as a resident of its Miniland. The opportunity in Legoland’s San Diego spot features “durable Danish construction.” It’s an homage to the roots of Lego itself and to its ongoing international legacy.

Of course, the mini-home wouldn’t accommodate the humans but rather their Lego avatars. The house in Legoland California Resort is doing one better, providing a chance at immortality.

Living room at Legoland California house
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About the Legoland Charity California Home

It’s a unique Legoland home in California, designed for an exceptional set of residents. Listed as a Craftsman-style Coronado Beach home, this San Diego gem is a surefire way to put Legoland California on the map.

According to Allie Lutz of Buying Beverly Hills, the home was built in cooperation with Merlin’s Magic Wand Foundation—the Legoland California Resort auction runs until August 7, 2023.

Legoland partnership with Merlin Entertainments charity
Credit: Merlin’s Magic Wand Children’s Charity

Official Statement from Lego City

Kurt Stocks, the president of Legoland California Resort, stated, “In Miniland U.S.A., our residents receive unmatched daily care (…). Imagine ‘waking up’ each day in a vibrant world filled with beautiful sandy beaches (…).”

A chance at immortality for up to 10 family members, including pets, the Legoland feature at the California theme Park competition winner gets a permanent likeness in the life-sized Legoland. The San Diego spot gives the Legoland Water Park a run for its money, especially for anyone who wants to visit Lego City.

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Legoland California Partners With Merlin Entertainment

The Merlin Magic Wand charity allows children to make the most of The Lego Movie World. It is an international charity dedicated to bringing magic to those who need it most.

Legoland, rights reserved, partners with Merlin Entertainments. The Lego City-approved charity focuses on shows and features to help kids who need it most. Through Magic Spaces and Magical Days Out, the charity uses 100% of the admission to benefit children. It even has an impressive discount to drive attendance.

This foundation is now making a Legoland-level splash in San Diego, with the new fun town feature helping The Lego Movie world fans get a chance at immortality.

Would you ever stay in a life-sized LEGOLAND? Make your mark in the comment block below!

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