Disneyland Isn’t The Most Expensive California Theme Park

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While a trip to any California Theme Park is expensive, Disneyland Resort usually takes the cake. However, there’s one Park that is even more expensive than the Happiest Place On Earth.

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California has some of the best Theme Parks in the United States. Looking for thrills? Try Six Flags Magic Mountain, Great America, or SeaWorld San Diego. Something more affordable? Give Knott’s Berry Farm or Discovery Kingdom a shot. Or do you want something more oriented towards a family experience? Then Legoland California is your best bet.

However, the number one stop for any Theme Park aficionado is Disneyland Resort. Home to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, people travel from across the United States just to visit these Parks. Naturally, this means they must be the most expensive Parks in the state, right?

Shockingly, no. While they have the most expensive ticket price at $169 per person, much more goes into consideration for which Park is the most costly. And according to HomeToGo.com, Disneyland isn’t the most expensive by a long shot.

Universal Studios Hollywood is the Most Expensive California Theme Park

Universal Studios Hollywood - July 4 Fireworks (horizontal)
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While Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have the most expensive tickets of any California Theme Park, Universal Studios is the most expensive overall. Even though Universal Studios Hollywood has a cheaper entry fee of $134.00, accommodations are much more expensive.

Even though Disneyland seems like it would be much more expensive because of the Disney Hotels, there are plenty of more affordable places to stay around the Park. Compare this to Universal Studios, which is trapped in the middle of Los Angeles. The median nightly price for Universal is $188.25 compared to Disney’s $90.03.

Guests riding Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge at Universal Studios Hollywood
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The other reason why Universal Studios is considered so expensive is the number of attractions, meaning rides, shows, and experiences. Despite opening the brand new Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Hollywood only has 12 total attractions listed on Coasterpedia.com. That’s not even half of what Disneyland has to offer.

Ultimately, it just doesn’t seem worth it when you look at all the numbers. While Universal Studios Hollywood has some incredible rides and shows, there just isn’t enough to do to justify the enormous price tag. If you want a great California Theme Park experience and money isn’t an issue, Disneyland Resort is the right choice.

Which do you prefer: Disneyland or Universal Studios Hollywood? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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