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Mickey Mouse in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park with a money bag in his hand showing price increases

Credit: Disney Parks Blog (background)

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  1. Fred

    This is total bunk.

    When people talk about the most expensive theme park,they are talking about the one with the highest admission price. (If you want to stretch it, I suppose you could include parking as well, but that’s about it.)

    And that is Disneyland by a long shot.

    No one factors in hotel costs, because a high percentage of visitors to our Southern California theme parks are local residents who don’t have any need of a hotel when visiting the parks.

    Disneyland, for instance, had over 1 million annual passholders, most of whom live right here in SoCal, and who simply get in their cars and drive to the park.

    And Universal Studios HollywoodSpace has an even higher percentage of locals, who have no need for a hotel when they visit the Park.

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