Gov. DeSantis Slams Disney for Supporting “Sexualization of Minors”

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In a campaign ad backing the Florida governor’s 2024 bid for presidential candidacy, DeSantis Slams Disney in some alarming ways, driving stars like Kid Rock to action.

DeSantis slams Disney amid political argument emulated here
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DeSantis openly slams Disney, declaring them a foe through everything from a lawsuit to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Now, companies like Target and Budweiser make the list, too. The ad makes extremely offensive claims about everything from so-called “woke culture” and “extreme liberal agendas.”

DeSantis Slams Disney | Claims of “Supporting the Sexualization of Minors.”

At a stop in Nevada,  Governor DeSantis declared that Disney was “supporting the sexualization of minors.” It’s not the first time he made that claim. The candidate didn’t create the ad. Instead, a PAC called Never Back Down curated the piece.

Nonetheless, it seems in line with the rest of the politician’s statements. It’s rooted in using the colloquial “war on woke” as a basis for the campaign. Starting with a kitschy line referencing “Once upon a time,” the ad completely misappropriates Disney’s vision.

desantis slams Disney in this PAC made video Credit Never Back Down
Credit: Never Back Down

Celebrity Weighs in as DeSantis Slams Disney

Striking right at the heart of pride month, the ad made waves across party lines. The backlash even led to Kid Rock making a move online. The ad made waves, leading music icon Kid Rock to film a video shooting at beer cases and post it to YouTube. Kid Rock, a known Republican, ensured fans and dissenters knew where he stood. This is the same beer referenced in the ad where DeSantis slams Disney.

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Disney Doesn’t Back Down

While the PAC video shows an audience for conservative content, it also highlights the other side. Disney’s made no secret of its willingness to reallocate funds set for Florida, hitting the job market and the tourism economy.

As the race for the 2024 presidency gains interest, companies like Disney and Target are at the heart of the liberal fight. CEO Bob Iger makes his opinions known despite these alarming claims, from supporting pride to refuse to back down. The political scramble continues and promises even more propaganda about the so-called “woke” concept.

What did you think about DeSantis slamming Disney? Justified or just a step too far? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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