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DeSantis in front of Disney logo

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  1. Cheesy Floridan

    I think he is wasting tax payer money fighting a company who brings in millions of people to visit this state and pays billions of dollars in taxes. There was never a issue with Disney and Reedy Creek before they spoke up against DeSantis. He is mean and should be removed from office. Disney doesn’t sexualize children. I watch Disney every day with my kids and find nothing wrong with anything they show.

    1. Robert Munes

      I agree 100%

    2. D. Jones

      I so agree. Such a waste of tax dollars. Totally showboating. If it weren’t for the Disney Corp. and it’s affiliates, Florida would just be a state for retirees, rich folks and storms!. If Disney were to move or close, the state would go bankrupt! Hotels, restaurants, B&B’s, Time shares and so many businesses depend on the tourism Disney brings into that state. Their job market would be a disaster.
      So continue to showboat Sir Santi. To be honest, Santi and all those on his band wagon just need to mind their business. Just stay out of how Parents raise THEIR CHILDREN. Stay out of what women do with THEIR BODIES.

  2. I totally agree with Mr De Santis Gender and Political matters should not been in Disney

  3. Karen

    Desantis is an autocratic politician who is power crazed. He has “yes” men & women who push his ridiculous, biased agenda. He is dangerous, revengeful to anyone disagreeing with him.
    Teachers are leaving FL in droves, a teacher can go to jail for not abiding by a new and pushed through law re: “Don’t Say Gay” which means if a teacher/counselor/administrator responds or discusses any student who questions their sexuality, or a student with same sex parents, they can be charged and thrown in jail.
    Desantis pushed a law through where any parent who believes that a book is offensive or harmful to their child can have that book pulled from classrooms and libraries. This includes numerous books such as Anne Frank & Other Holocaust books, James and the Giant Peach, & books about the African American experiences.
    Abortion is a topic he got involved in, he threatened anyone aiding or having an abortion regardless of the cause of the pregnancy e.g., incest or rape, would be jailed.
    It goes on and on. His lack of caring for the people he serves is atrocious.

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