Disney Supports International Pride Where LGBTQ+ Fans Need it Most

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Disney Supports International Pride | Credit: pixabay.com, SatyaPrem

Credit: pixabay.com, SatyaPrem

Disney supports international pride by bringing it to where it’s most important, the places that need it most. The company has 12 theme parks spanning multiple continents. Understanding the levels of LGBTQ+ encouragement and support from big companies like Disney is essential for everything from safety to fun.

Disneyland Paris Pride | Credit: @disneylandparispride
Credit: @disneylandparispride

For those living under the rainbow, or somewhere in its midst, pride isn’t just an event, it’s an integral part of life. Love and inclusivity are two central themes that Disney relied on to grow so big. Whether Disney supports international pride speaks to the heart of its character.

And it hasn’t been an easy trek. Why? Because hate is like playing a game of whack-a-mole. Even in nations with protections, where theme parks draw millions of visitors, the concept of pride remains under attack. Florida knows it to be true. But the USA isn’t the only place that needs the support.

Disney supports international pride in Asia through its Shanghai and Hong Kong locations. In Europe, Parisian pride is abuzz at its Disneyland theme park. The Walt Disney Company has operations in the Middle East and Africa. The company calls the strategy “Creativity, Innovation & International Growth” and it has a long way to go.

Walt Disney Company International Focusing on Social purpose as Disney supports international pride | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

So why is this important? Because the fight for rights is ongoing. In Africa, Uganda just passed one of the harshest laws against the LGBTQ+ population. And that’s just one of the 32 countries to criminalize pride in Africa alone.

In the Middle East, countries like Yemen, Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all have the death penalty for polyamorous or otherwise LGBTQ+ relationships. Even Europe, widely considered an advanced society, forbids same-sex relations in countries like Belarus, Croatia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Military Protest photo and picture | Credit: pixabay.com, Hubert2T
Credit: pixabay.com, Hubert2T

Even in areas with protections that are under attack. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hate crimes are up significantly. When conversations about hard-hitting topics like minorities arise, it causes division. That means there are two sides, regardless of how advanced a country appears.

It might seem like the news in June is inundated with a flow of pride, but that’s not so everywhere. Even in the United States, Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation means the LGBTQ+ community is likely to take another hit.

Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida presents Disney PRIDE in Concert. | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

To some, it might seem like a lot of pride, decoration, and celebration, and perhaps it is. But it’s not without purpose. It’s been less than a century since pride became a full-blown concept, and that took some fighting.

To this day, that struggle for acceptance remains. There’s a long way to go, but the fact that Disney supports international pride where it can make the most impact is something to celebrate. Whether from home or out at the theme parks, there are endless ways to embrace pride and fight alongside Disney for inclusion and acceptance.

What do you think about Disney’s support of international pride? Is it enough? Too Much? Let Inside the Magic hear your take in the comments below!

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