TikTok Family Puts Child In Danger With “Hack,” Adds Foam to Shoes so Toddler Can Ride Disney Coasters

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Left: A Cast Member measures a young boy who is too short for Soarin'. Middle: A woman in a Mickey tee shirt holds up a pair of foam flip flops. Right: A man holds the same little boy from the first screenshot wearing hand-crafted shoes that make him tall enough to ride.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort pride themselves on a family-friendly environment where parents and children can have fun together. Many Disney Parks attractions are all-ages – even infants are allowed on board!

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Still, not every Disney ride is for everyone. More thrilling experiences like Space Mountain and the upcoming TRON Lightcycle / Run boast strict height requirements for the safety of all Guests. Some parents try to skirt height requirements to please their children, but Disney Cast Members strongly advise against this practice.

TRON Lightcycle / Run Lightcycles operating under the Upload Conduit at night
Credit: Disney

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This week, TikTok family vloggers The Kelly Fam (@the.kelly.fam) shared their “hack” for getting their young son, Kannon, on thrill rides he’s not tall enough for. They received immediate backlash for trying to break Disney Park rules.


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“Meet my son, Kannon, our thrill-seeking boy who can’t get enough of Disney Theme Park rides,” Kannon’s dad said in a video. “The only problem, you ask? He’s just not tall enough for the big ones.”

“We didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush, so we took matters into our own hands and crafted a shoe that just might do the trick,” he explained. “With the help of towering heels, extra flip-flop bottoms, and some gorilla glue, we’ve possibly discovered the ultimate Theme Park hack.

Expedition Everest at night
Credit: Disney

The family crafted a platform sneaker with a pair of Wal-Mart flip-flops. While they didn’t show Kannon on a ride, they did share a brief clip of the young boy wearing the shoes at Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In response to a comment, they confirmed that they did take Kannon on a ride he was too short for.

“Did you not know the height restrictions are for safety or did you not care?” asked @peterpiper90. “Get off your high horse Peter,” The Kelly Fam replied. “My son was perfectly fine. If he was in ANY sort of danger, we wouldn’t have put him on a ride.”

A sign that reads "Space Mountain" in front of a white building with spires.
Credit: Disney

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In another comment, The Kelly Fam disregarded those concerned about Kannon’s safety and said, “Hahah if only y’all were this serious and passionate about real issues in the world….”

Still, the critical comments rolled in. Some threatened to call Child Protective Services (CPS).

“Why not wait if something happened wouldn’t you just feel awful? It’s your kid,” @thecapsaicinclinic wrote. “I couldn’t imagine doing this with my kid.”

Toy Story land, featuring Slinky Dog Dash
Credit: Disney

“You’re lucky he wasn’t injured or worse,” @thepoposarus said. “I hope employees spot the shoes and rightfully deny access to a ride that could maim him.”

Disney Cast Members will say something if they catch you trying to skirt height requirements and can ask little ones to remove shoes that are too high. Inside the Magic strongly recommends not trying this “hack.” 

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