Divisive Disney Upcharge Remains at All-Time-High Cost

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Disney’s most divisive upcharge remains at an all-time-high price despite massive crowds rendering it useless.

After crowds swarmed Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, over the past holiday weekend, causing Disney’s loathed Genie+ service to be rendered useless, the divisive upcharge remains at an all-time-high cost for Guests visiting the Southern California theme parks.

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The official Disneyland app has offered Guests the chance to “take [their] day to the next level” by purchasing Disney Genie+ service at $30 per Guest, the highest price we’ve seen Disneyland offer for the FastPass replacement, since at least last Sunday, February 19. The Disney Genie+ service has since remained at an all-time-high price of $30 per Guest — in addition to Individual Lightning Lane selections for attractions like Mickey and Minnie’sRunaway Railway, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Radiator Springs Racers — for Guests visiting the Parks.

screenshot from the Disneyland app showing Disney Genie+ service selling for $30, disney's upcharge
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Disneyland’s official website states that tickets for this week range between Tier 4 and Tier 6, some of the highest-priced tiers for Disneyland tickets as of the last price increase in October 2022. This could explain the equally higher cost of the Disney Genie+ service this week, as Disneyland announced that prices and availability for the service would vary by date.

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As of this article’s publishing, tickets to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park are available throughout the week, with both theme parks available and ticket prices ranging between $149 for Tier 4 tickets and $179 for Tier 6 tickets.

However, the official Disneyland website still offers Disney Genie+ service for $25 when purchased ahead of your visit by adding the service to your Park admission ticket, whether that be a one Park per day ticket or a Park Hopper ticket.

screenshot from Disney Genie+ service as a ticket add-on for Disneyland Resort, Disney's upcharge
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The official Disneyland website states the following regarding pricing for the Disney Genie+ service:

Take Your Day to the Next Level with Disney Genie+ Service

In addition to getting all of the great features that come with the complimentary Disney Genie service, purchasing Disney Genie+ service offers even more convenience and flexibility, starting at $25.00 USD per ticket per day. Prices and availability vary by date. Disney Genie+ service is available for purchase before your visit—as an add-on with new ticket or vacation package purchases—or may be available as a single-day purchase for existing ticket holders through the Disneyland app on the day of your park visit after park entry. Please check the Disneyland app after park entry for pricing and availability, as availability is limited.

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Disney has stated that variable pricing for theme park tickets and Disney Genie+ service at Disneyland and Disney World comes from a strategy to better distribute the times Guests visit the Disney Parks and control crowds, aiming to improve the Guest experience. However, many consider the price increases outrageous and question the effectiveness of the upcharge, as Inside the Magic has reported on Guests waiting as much time in the Lightning Lane queue than the regular stand-by queue due to high demand. Quoting Syndrome from Disney and Pixar’s hit film The Incredibles (2004), “When everyone’s super, no one will be.”

It’s up to each Guest whether or not to purchase the Disney Genie+ service or Individual Lightning Lanes during their visit, depending on their needs.

Have you purchased the Disney Genie+ service when visiting Disneyland? What was your experience with Disney’s upcharge like? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!

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