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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow on a ship

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Johnny Depp has become one of the most polarizing figures in the world today.

With a loyal legion of fans, it should come as no surprise that Johnny Depp has amassed quite an amount of support from many who are hoping to see him return to Hollywood after being axed by The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.

Johnny Depp
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Even before the defamation trial with Amber Heard took place last summer, which resulted in a sound victory for Johnny Depp and lawyer Camille Vasquez, Hollywood had already blacklisted the actor. Warner Bros. replaced Johnny Depp with Mads Mikkelsen in the last installment of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and Disney began to look in other directions for its next lead protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, essentially canceling Captain Jack Sparrow.

But, despite Depp being a victim of cancel culture, there has been one company that has stuck by the actor.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault recently revealed in an earnings report that the company’s product, Dior Sauvage, “was a leader in perfume sales” and achieved remarkable success that was “driven by the image of Johnny Depp.”

Dior Beauty has kept Depp as the face of Dior Sauvage since the fragrance’s 2015 launch, even after he was canceled by Hollywood studios. It seems to have worked well for the company, which touted revenue growth of 17% in 2022.

Is Johnny Depp returning to Disney?

Dior Beauty has proven that there is certainly an audience that is ready to put the entire trial and the allegations behind them.

A massive amount of fans have asked Disney to reconsider casting Johnny Depp in the next Pirates of the Caribbean, and many fans have taken a strong stand that they will not watch the sixth film if it doesn’t include Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp in 'Alice in Wonderland'
Credit: Disney

Disney hasn’t made an official statement on the matter, but it would seem that the allegations brought forth by Amber Heard are still too strong for the company to bring back the actor.

Though he won the defamation trial, Disney is reportedly looking to steer clear of the actor, and Depp isn’t too fond of Disney himself, either.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

Though there have been reports of the two sides negotiating a deal, nothing has been confirmed and it would seem that Disney is prepared to go in a different direction with Pirates of the Caribbean 6, which won’t likely include Margot Robbie at the helm, but instead could look to go in a direction that would highlight the story of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann Turner (Keira Knightley).

At this point, however, it’s important to remember that nothing has been confirmed and that Disney could still be months away from revealing any details.

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