Fans Call For Removal of “Sketchy” Shirt Featuring Splash Mountain Character

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Br'er Rabbit Splash Mountain sign at Walt Disney World

Credit: Inside the Magic

Splash Mountain closed at Magic Kingdom Park on Sunday, January 23. Disneyland Park still has Splash Mountain for now, but both attractions will reopen as Princess and the Frog (2009) themed Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in 2024.

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The Princess Tiana retheme is highly controversial among Disney Parks fans but largely considered long overdue due to its connection to the widely-banned and problematic Song of the South (1946). Some hope the change will set a trend of removing inappropriate and racist symbols from Disney Parks and films, like the Native Americans on Peter Pan’s Flight.

An official poster announcing Tiana's Bayou Adventure, opening late 2024.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Just one day after Splash Mountain closed, a Walt Disney World Resort Guest was perplexed to find a shirt featuring the ride’s main character, Br’er Rabbit. U/Iloveflorida2017 shared this photo on Reddit:

Disney World shirt seen at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs.

Disney World shirt seen at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs. from WaltDisneyWorld

Commenters agreed that the shirt was strange and outdated. “Most likely back stock they’re trying to flush out,” said u/UnderCoverDoughnuts.

“This shirt looks like the equivalent to the tshirts people sell on the streets outside a concert venue,” u/Nerak80 wrote. “…Sketchy.”

Briar Patch Sign
Credit: Disney

The design certainly harkens back to the 2000s, and many pointed out it’s likely part of a retro collection for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary and not an outdated Splash Mountain leftover.

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“I could’ve sworn I had seen this years ago, like maybe in the late 90s or early 2000s. I think this is just part of the nostalgia collection that Disney brought back, since they had other “vintage” items out for the 50th when I visited,” u/Technical_Ad_7119 said.

What do you think of this Walt Disney World Resort tee shirt? 

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