Splash Mountain Fans Allegedly Reporting Those Happy With Retheme For Being “Mentally Ill”

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Interior of Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Disney

The Save Splash Mountain movement has ramped up in the weeks leading up to the ride’s permanent closure at Walt Disney World Resort. After a Republican Congressman spoke out in defense of the Song of the South (1946) themed water ride, some desperate fans begged Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis to save the ride.

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While a closing date hasn’t been announced for the Disneyland Resort version of Splash Mountain, both rides will reopen as the Princess and the Frog (2009) themed Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in 2024. Princess Tiana is “Almost There!”

Briar Patch Sign
Credit: Disney

Still, the retheme incites division among Disney Parks fans. On Reddit this week, fans gathered to discuss their excitement about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The post had to be locked because of intense debate and name-calling, but not before #SaveSplashMountain fans took action against those excited about the new version of the log flume ride.

u/neeknoo posted about the racist history of Splash Mountain and its film inspiration. “A [Theme Park] ride based on an incredibly racist film is not the place to teach future generations of past mistakes. History classes, online forums, museums and more can make that educational stance clear,” they wrote. “POC communities have repeatedly shared the discomfort and pain caused by Disney promoting Song of the South through this ride. It hurts far less people to simply change it, and if a decision helps others rather than hinder, it’s probably the better one.”

Splash Mountain attraction
Credit: Disney

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A few hours later, the user updated their post to say Reddit had notified them that an upset reader had flagged the post as “needing support:”

I’ve been reported to Reddit care as mentally ill and requiring support for this comment. The extent to which people will defend racism is so depressing.

“I was reported too,” u/AerynPfaff replied. “Someone just reported me too!!!” said u/sdtpc0506.

More on Splash Mountain

Credit: ITM

Despite petitions and Twitter campaigns, Splash Mountain will close next year to make way for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Inside the Magic will continue to report updates about the retheme and the water ride’s closure at Disneyland Resort. The Song of the South (1946) ride will remain the same at Tokyo Disneyland, though the Disney Park recently removed the ride’s anthem, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah,” from its music loop. From Disney:

Drop into a whimsical world filled with classic characters and songs on this thrilling log-flume adventure.

A Hare-Raising Ride

Gently drift through a colorful Southern bayou along with happy-go-lucky Br’er Rabbit as he looks for his “laughing place.” But be warned: Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox are in hot pursuit of this wayward hare. 

Glide by over 100 adorable Audio-Animatronics geese, frogs, raccoons, possums, bees, alligators and other down-home critters as they sing classic Disney ditties, including “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place.”

Then hang on to your hats—this delightful musical cruise ends in an exciting 5-story splashdown into a thorny Briar Patch!

Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox in Splash Mountain
Credit: Disney

You Will Get Wet

This attraction includes 950,000 gallons of water, 3 dips and a 5-story drop. Where you’re seated will determine how wet you’ll get. Riders in the back may experience a sudden splash or spray; those who opt for the front can expect to get soaked. 

Are you excited to head down to New Orleans on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? 

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