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Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World

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When news broke last month about the CEO change from Bob Chapek to Bob Iger at Disney, hardcore fans of the brand and theme parks rejoiced on social media as if a menacing dictator had been dethroned from their rule.

Bob Chapek
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Despite the recent change within The Walt Disney Company’s c-suite, Guests of Disney Parks across the globe still believe much work needs to be done to restore the “magic” missing from the Parks.

Since the parks reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down in 2021, complaints from Guests have seemed to have reached new heights. From criticisms of increased ticket prices to protestations of Disney’s new queue system of Genie+, Disney’s most loyal fanbase has claimed that the Parks “magic” is gone.

It seems to have gotten so bad that one Florida resident felt the need to publish an Op-ed to newly reinstated Disney CEO Bob Iger about what it’s like for Guests to visit a Walt Disney World Park.

Kimberly Durocher, a resident of Bradenton, Florida, went on to write:

I would like to share my experience on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom last month. Maybe there is a chance returning Disney CEO Bob Iger would read my letter.

I sacrificed a vacation day and a hard-earned $159 to stand in line for 3½ hours to experience a five-minute ride on “Avatar Flight of Passage.” The safari train ride had a wait time of more than two hours. For an extra $22, we had the option to “jump the line,” but it was not available for either ride.

We walked shoulder to shoulder in a sardine-can-like atmosphere with triple strollers blocking any chance at passing. Using the restroom or getting a drink was another half-hour wait. It made me question the population of the Earth and where the hell these families get all this disposable income to throw away.

Tell me, what is enjoyable about that experience? It was sheer aggravation and regret. I’m a Florida resident and will never attend another Disney Park. There is no magic there.

Magic Kingdom Station
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Many fans are “done with Disney,” and they’re now making their way to Universal Orlando. Recent results have confirmed that Guests have begun making the shift.

In Bob Iger’s return to The Walt Disney Company, he mentioned that he agreed with Guests that Theme Parks have become too costly over the past few years. However, since he made that statement, we have only heard one change in operations at Disney Parks – a price increase at Walt Disney World.

The Walt Disney Company better be careful moving forward and ensure they do not take advantage of its most loyal customers. If Disney CEO Bob Iger cannot restore the “magic” to its Theme Park’s division, it could be a rough couple of years in his second stint as CEO.

Do you believe that Bob Iger can help bring back the “magic” to Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment below.

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