Fans Happy With Disney Forcing Sex Into ‘Star Wars’

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Diego Luna as Cassian Andor being stopped by two corpos

Credit: Lucasfilm

Andor has done a lot of work to make a mature, gritty series without going over the top with adult content, but fans are happy that premarital sex and places like brothels are finally canon.

Andor walking down Morlana One
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor walks straight into a brothel in Episode 1 after walking past pods full of alien sex workers. The first 15 minutes of the episode take place in this unexpected location without showing off too much.

While Star Wars has obviously implied sex with Anakin getting Padme pregnant before Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005), fans never saw the two have sex onscreen and Andor got a lot closer than any other Star Wars project in showing sex onscreen. This angered some fans who didn’t care or want sex included in Star Wars, but other fans praised Lucasfilm’s decision to include these adult scenes.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Fans went to Twitter to share their happiness and praise the series for finally acknowledging sex in a series:

I’m glad Andor is making sex canon so we can all stop arguing about how Padmé got pregnant

There was a sex in #Andor. 10/10

i need everyone to understand that in 45 years of star wars media, andor features the first implied instance of premarital sex in the entire history of the franchise.

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Other fans point out how Star Wars already made sex canon even all the way back in the Original Trilogy:

I like how all the Andor reviews go out of their way to say ‘This ain’t your granddaddy’s Star Wars, this one has a scene set in a brothel!’ Man my favourite one of these movies as a kid had a lengthy setpiece on a mob boss’s sex yacht. What trilogy were you watching

I think I’ll take the Han and Leia romance over whatever the Andor sex plot is. Oh, and did they not notice the dancing Twi’lek girl in Jabba’s palace?

While fans have their own thoughts on sex included in Star Wars, Andor is the first series to openly challenge this unsaid rule from George Lucas that has made every Star Wars project in the past 45 years never show implied sex or even premarital sex. Andor still has more episodes so it’s possible that the franchise will shockingly include a real sex scene somewhere in the season.

If this does happen, it wouldn’t be like Game of Thrones and show fans any nudity, but it could very well go past what fans have seen before and probably anger more people.

More on Andor:

Preox-Morlana security guards questioning Maarva
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Here’s an official synopsis for the new Star Wars series: 

Andor, a tense nail-biting spy thriller created by Tony Gilroy, is set to arrive on Disney+ in 2022. Diego Luna, reprising the role of rebel spy Cassian Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be joined by a fantastic new cast that includes Stellan Skarsgård, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller and Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Star Wars may be about a galaxy far, far away, but it’s full of amazing stories and characters. Fortunately, those stories continue to be made as Lucasfilm promises to tell character-driven stories in Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, Ahsoka, The Acolyte, and of course, The Mandalorian. While the Disney+ series has become the new norm for Star Wars, Taika Waititi is making a movie, and of course, Patty Jenkin’s Rogue Squadron is in the works.

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