Disney Fans Outraged, Call Out “Bold as Brass” Nazi Flag at Park Gate

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Recently, The Walt Disney Company’s reaction to Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill brought backlash from some fans and Cast Members. Disney employees even staged walkouts over Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s initial response to the bill, which indicated he was supportive of the Florida law going into effect.

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However, the company has now officially opposed the legislation, which has since been signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has shared his stance on the matter, saying Disney “crossed a line” in dissenting.

As a direct result of the ongoing issues between The Walt Disney Company and Governor DeSanti’s administration, the Reedy Creek district, and with it, Disney’s special tax status, has been dismantled.

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The political drama has seen some Disney Parks fans — and a particular Texas lawmaker — push for Disney to leave Florida behind. Some have even suggested that Walt Disney World Resort should be “moved” from Orlando, which would be no easy feat.

Now, certain individuals who feel that Disney has become too “woke” are protesting outside of Walt Disney World Resort’s gates. We recently reported on the white supremacist overtones of these particular protests, and now, Disney Parks fans online are absolutely outraged at the situation.

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United States Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) Tweeted about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine on May 8:

On this day in 1945, the Nazis surrendered.

And now, 77 years later, another dictator is trying to subjugate the people of a neighboring country.

But there will be no victory for Russia.

Ukraine, and peace, will prevail.

And democracy will again triumph over dictatorship.

A constituent responded, writing:

DeSantis supporters are proudly waving Nazi flags outside Disney World, so sadly our work isn’t done right here at home either.

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Florida State Senator Annette Taddeo Tweeted about Antisemitism in the State of Florida, to which Barbara Sorrell responded, tagging official Disney accounts:

@Disney@WaltDisneyWorld where are the police? Why are these nazis allowed to fly that disgusting flag on your property?

Amid news that the Museum of Jewish Heritage recently barred Governor DeSantis from attending an event, Jason Epstein Tweeted:

@karol: “When a Jewish museum bars DeSantis for having the wrong opinions, they bar me and so many other Jews, conservative or otherwise, too. We know that if he is unwelcome, we are also unwelcome.”

Follower Davidm commented with his opinion that the politician is “encouraging” the protestors at Disney World, though there certainly haven’t been any public statements to this end from the Governor’s office:

lol he is encouraging people to show up at disney world with nazi flags, this is an easy one

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Bob Jones wrote:

Okay, Bob Chapek….
That’s a Nazi flag.
Right at the front gate of Disney World.
Not in a crowd.
Out there, by itself, bold as brass.
… You gonna do anything about it?
Or are you gonna lose your entire Jewish clientele?

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At this time, Disney has not issued an official statement regarding the protests or the Swastika flag.

Check out the entire conversation surrounding this new Disney World controversy on Twitter.

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