U.S. Senator Blasts “Woke” Disney, Vows to End Company’s Special Privileges

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Disney is now yet again the face of controversy after a United States Senator revealed his plan to remove more of the company’s privileges.

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Disney is facing a lot of backlash and criticism as of late and now, a United States Senator has chimed in, revealing his plan to remove even more of Disney’s special protections and treatment. See the tweet below from U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO):

For years, @Disney has gotten special copyright protections from the federal government – allowing them to charge consumers more. Woke corporations shouldn’t get sweetheart deals. I’ll introduce legislation this week to end their special protections – enough is enough

Hawley did not share specifics about his legislation or what copyright protections he was referring to.

The Walt Disney Company has lobbied multiple times to extend certain copyright protections so that their intellectual property would not fall into the public domain. The Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 extended corporate copyright protection from 75 years to 95 years, keeping Mickey Mouse under Disney’s control until at least 2024. These extensions don’t just apply to Disney, though they are the ones pushing the hardest for them.

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This announcement comes during an incredibly tumultuous time for The Walt Disney Company as Florida legislators are also rallying against the company, including Gov. Ron DeSantis in an effort to repeal Disney’s Reedy Creek District.

As soon as word got out that the company had actually backhandedly supported Florida’s controversial Parental Rights law, fans, employees, and leaders were stunned. This resulted in the company backtracking with CEO Bob Chapek even pledging millions of dollars toward the Human Rights Campaign.

This firm stance against the new bill caused friction between the company and the state of Florida, with Gov. Ron DeSantis continuing to escalate the battle with incendiary words and potential actions. As of yesterday, Gov. DeSantis heightened the stakes, publicly announcing he was considering terminating the special treatment Disney has been receiving due to the state’s Reedy Creek Improvement act.

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The Reedy Creek Improvement Act essentially allows Walt Disney World to reside in Florida unregulated, acting as its own “government” in a way. The act involved creating a special taxing district that acts with the same authority as a county government. The legislation made the claim that landowners within the Reedy Creek Improvement District, primarily Walt Disney World, could be allowed to be solely responsible for paying the cost of providing typical municipal services like power, water, roads, fire protection etc. Local taxpayers, meaning residents of Orange and Osceola County, would not have to pay for building or maintaining those services.

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