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  1. The Patriot

    So much evil in this world, these white nationals need to stop.

  2. John R

    White nationalism is happening fast, we must stop the forces of evil who abuse
    Power to opress

  3. Wizard

    This is anti American, the red tiger shows it’s stripes

  4. Angela

    I am both shocked and horrified that the republican party went straight fascist. In the past, they at least pretended to follow the laws and social norms of society.

    What’s next, Donald Trump, I mean Klan rallies in stadiums with book burning? Geez….

  5. Muricuh

    So a company that literally puts diversity and inclusion at the top of their values speaks out about something that goes against diversity and inclusion and now republicans are all clutching their pearls and acting like overgrown toddlers. But democrats are the snowflakes? What a time to be alive.

    1. Not a sheep

      Seems like someone desperately wants to groom children.

      1. total sheeple

        yeah yeah continue with the rhetoric that the news stations spoon fed you. Most teachers are not even touching on the subject but it should be legal just like it is for someone to say hey yeah that’s a picture of my wife to say that’s a picture of my husband, or significant other. Why is this aspect of it so hard to understand? But no it’s always let’s toss the term groomer around to sound cool.

        1. Ethan

          the legislation does not prevent anyone from saying “hey thats a picture of my wife” or “hey thats a picture of my husband”, no mention of anything even similar to what you’re proposing the law is about, since you don’t seem to know I’ll let you know that the law prevents any type of sexual orientation or gender identity teachings for k-3rd graders . . . . thats ANY sexual orientation or gender identity teaching, which includes straight, gay, or anything else. If teachers aren’t currently teaching these things so why is the law such a bad thing? If you really know what the law is about could you please tell me why you think a 5 year old needs to learn about sexual orientation and gender identity subjects by somebody other than their own parents? I’ve been asking several people and nobody can tell me. Can you?

          1. Jordan

            I don’t know if you know this or not, but kids ask a LOT of questions for different things without any given reason. Not that hard to imagine a kid going down a rabbit hole that leads to gender identity and it would be important for them to be aware of things such as this sooner rather than later so we don’t get people who are rude simply because it’s foreign to them.

            1. Tony

              That’s not for you or the school to do If they ask you simply tell them to go ask there parents

              1. Jordan

                And that right there is why racism and other forms of discrimination are still a thing.

                1. Tony

                  It has nothing to do with discrimination or racism You have no place talking to young children about sex That is left up to the parents

                  1. Jordan

                    Kids are more likely to have discriminative tendencies if their parents do. So if you leave that solely up to the parents, that when we get more people still thinking it’s wrong that 2 men or 2 when are together or a man that likes to wear dresses is weird. You can’t always leave everything up to the parents because sometimes the parents are wrong.

                    1. Tony

                      You don’t get it. They are not your kids

                    2. Jordan

                      You don’t get it. If they don’t want their kids learning something, they need to home school them, but it won’t help them in the long run since they will only keep discrimination alive in this world.

                    3. Melissa

                      @jordan, so parents are sometimes wrong but teachers are always right? good to know!

                    4. Jordan

                      @Melissa, I never said teachers are always right. The difference is that at least if a teacher have people above them overlooking what is being done. A parent doesn’t have someone telling them “No, better not tell your kids being gay is wrong”

                    5. Melissa

                      @jordon thats not true, it looks like they have you telling them their raising their kids wrong (but I don’t see anybody asking you though)

            2. Ethan

              Sorry jordan, that’s not even close to a reason to teach anything about sexual orientation to a 5 year old. It’s up to the parents and easy enough for the teacher to “go ask your parents”. You’re a perfect example as a person that just needs to mind their own business. If you want to have kids and raise them to be part of the LGBTQRSTUV community go right ahead! I don’t care! It’s not my business to tell you how to raise your kids! Just like it’s not your business to tell me how to raise my kids or anybody elses! It’s amazing that the people who preach inclusiveness and diversity want everybody to think exactly like them. Where’s the diversity in that?

  6. Awaken1

    The five above comments are all from the same person….so, be aware of who’s trying to manipulate you.

    1. drew who

      Not a Republican myself but I very much agree with this senator . Why should any corporation have “special privileges” ?

    2. Ethan

      lol yeah after reading all those comments up there it was pretty evident that it was all the same person!

  7. Trumpist

    Russian bot

  8. EricJ

    Josh Hawley, the senator who’s always jealous that TX Gov. Abbott always gets to be the FIRST person to do whatever DeSantis does, while he only gets third place.

  9. Travis Weberling

    What Desantis is doing to Disney is retaliation plain & simple. I mean, the last time I checked Disney is an American company & just like the rest of us, Chapek & the rest of the suits at Disney have as much right as the rest of us to speak out against the bills that Desantis is passing, since the employees at Disney live & work in this state, they’ll be voting Desantis out like alot of us will.

  10. Adam

    These republicans are absolutely ridiculous. Whining and crying because Disney has an opinion? So much for free speech – apparently the government is allowed to retaliate now.
    And now getting up on my soapbox – here is the truth about the bill. It’s doing exactly what the republicans in Florida (and eventually in other states) want it to do. And it’s not to “protect our children”. Let’s be real – of course we don’t want to teach 4 year olds about homosexuality or transgenderism. We also don’t want to teach them about any sort of sexuality. But this was not and has never been a problem. There were NO incidents where this happened making this bill necessary.

    There are a few reasons for this bill

    1. Give the republicans an issue to use in the midterms elections. They can say they are trying to “protect your children” while the democrats don’t care or even want to “groom” your children (they love using that word, like democrats are trying to teach children to be gay or transgender). Note that this is similar to Republican candidates who run on an anti-CRT platform pledging to get rid of and ban CRT in schools where CRT has NEVER been or even planned to be taught.

    2. Rile up both sides of the aisle and divide us further. Clearly this is working. Again, republicans can get a lot of support from their base and even from moderates by making it seem like not supporting the bill is reprehensible.

    Did you know that beyond banning the sexualized teachings that everyone agrees don’t belong in elementary schools (and are already not taking place at all), this bill also:

    1. sends a message to lgbtq kids (no not 5 year olds but middle school and older) that this topic is so wrong and dangerous that it has to be censored. Suicide among LGBTQ youth is already ridiculously high when compared to non-lgbtq youth. This will no doubt make this worse.

    2. Is vague enough that any discussion about LGBTQ families or history can be considered inappropriate and lead to lawsuits from parents. Is there a child in the class with 2 dad or 2 moms – we cannot even speak of it.

    3. Contains this catch-all piece that goes beyond the 3rd grade: “sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in K thru grade 3 OR [and here is the uber-vague part] in manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards. — this could empower school districts and the state to eliminate any discussion or recognition of the lgbtq community through the end of high school!

    It doesn’t take a lot to realize the true purpose of this bill and unfortunately it’s not to “protect our children”.

    1. Ethan

      If it really wasn’t being taught anywhere then nobody would care that a bill like this is being passed. The bill is definitely about protecting our children. Protecting our children from being taught things that should be taught in the home by parents and NOT by somebody who wants to push their political agenda on everybody else. Nice try though Adam. You and Jordan shouldn’t definitely hook up. You both seem to know whats best for everybody else.

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