Disney Guests Debate Tips For Surviving “Unpredictable” Weather

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rain at disney world

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If you’re a fan of Walt Disney World Resort, you’re probably more than a little bit familiar with Florida’s sometimes wild weather.

magic kingdom flooded rain
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From Atlantic hurricanes to flash floods to brief, but intense, rainstorms, Central Florida is not for the faint of heart from a weather standpoint. If you’re not from the Sunshine State, however, it can be challenging to prepare for Walt Disney World Resort’s potential for crazy weather patterns.

Fortunately, some Reddit users have taken to the social media site to share tips and tricks for surviving the Parks come heck or high water.

rain at disney world
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Redditor u/chambcs started things off, writing:

Why does everyone say ponchos are better to bring then umbrellas to combat floridas unpredictable rain patterns? Is it just lighter to carry or is it a park restriction not to bring umbrellas?

splash mountain with rainbow
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u/inthevelvetsea replied, noting that ponchos provide better on-ride protection:

You can’t use an umbrella on rides, and an umbrella doesn’t cover your bum when you sit down on an already wet bench on splash mountain.

Meanwhile, u/Intrepid00 shared a great tip for keeping feet as dry as possible on rainy Disney Park days:

Wind and lightning too. The winds can get really strong and a blown umbrella is useless. Using an umbrella in lightening isn’t the best idea.

Also I plastic bags and flip flops in the bag. Switch when it pours if you plan to keep going.

Saks Fifth Avenue Frozen umbrella
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u/Several-Eagle4141 pointed out that Florida rain often doesn’t last long, which means umbrellas can be cumbersome:

You can pack a poncho into a pocket. You can put four in a small bag. Two umbrellas are a pain to carry all day for 5-10 minutes of rain

u/AftertheNightIWakeUp also staunchly defended ponchos and provided a brand suggestion to fellow Disney Guests:

We do both. Good quality Frogg Toggs ponchos, not the plastic garbage, and compact umbrellas. Yesterday when the rain was light the umbrellas were fine and easy to quick deploy. When it started coming down sideways the ponchos kept us drier.

magic kingdom flooded rain
Credit: Cassie C./Twitter

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There are other opinions, however. u/VCRkid recommended against ponchos, instead suggesting actual rain jackets:

Ponchos are travel greenhouses. If you’re going any time other than winter, may god have mercy on your soul. And I sure hope you don’t wear glasses.

Light weight rain jacket or umbrella ftw.

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Finally, u/UX_Strategist and u/blu_crab both provided tips for dealing with wet items after a rainy day at Disney World. UX_Strategist wrote:

We’ve never been able to dry anything on a balcony in Orlando. The humidity is usually too high, especially if it’s been raining heavily. We use the extendible clothesline in the shower to dry our clothes. Clothing usually dries in a full day, but shoes do not. Long ago, I once had to wear damp shoes because it rained two days in a row. Wasn’t terribly comfortable and I needed make the laces very tight to avoid abrasion as I walked. It’s rare though. I still only bring one extra pair of walking shoes.

blu_crab responded:

For the wet shoes, need to take the laces out, open the tongue, remove the insole and hang it from a clip, then stuff the shoe full of newspaper. I don’t know if they sell newspapers at the resorts, but I somehow had one with me in my room in 2017. Maybe it was a free copy of USA today. Still need the second pair of shoes though, since this does take about 12 hours to work. But at least you can swap back and forth.

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It is worth noting that inclement weather at Walt Disney World Resort can impact certain Guest experiences, including fireworks cruises, fireworks themselves, and the operation of the Disney Skyliner.

What are your best rainy-day tips for Disney World Guests?

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