Child Admits to “Stealing” Mickey Mouse’s Voice

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The Disney Parks are filled with magic and memories that will last a lifetime — not just for Guests but for Cast Members as well.

Part of what Cast Members love about their jobs is interacting with families from all around the world and creating special moments for Guests to make their vacations as special as possible. But sometimes, Guests create magic for Cast Members as well.

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And this is exactly what happened to one Disney World Cast Member who was working as a character attendant with Mickey Mouse at EPCOT.

The Cast Member took to TikTok to share her magical moment story, which was created by a little boy. She explained she was working as a character attendant at Mickey’s meet and greet in EPCOT near the Pixar Short Film Festival.

“This room is like a really big slope and the Mickey meet and greet is at the bottom of it and the waiting area for the Pixar Shorts is like at the top,” she said.

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The Cast Member and TikToker went on to explain:

“So this little boy whose like at the Pixar waiting area with his family just starts rolling down the hill toward Mickey and us and we’re just like ‘uhh.. hello?’ 

So he gets all the way down to us and he goes to Mickey, and he was like ‘Mickey, can you talk?’ and one of the attendants was like ‘well mickey actually lost his voice and we’re looking for it, can you help us find it?’ and this kid, he goes, like so serious, he was like ‘yeah is it red? because I have it. I stole it. I have Mickey’s voice.'”

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“So we are all dying at this point because this kid is so confident that he like has Mickey’s voice,” she continued to say as she laughed, “so we were like asking him ‘oh do you sound like Mickey since you have his voice?’ and he was like ‘well actually I don’t have it, but I can help you find it’

The Cast Member explained that the little boy started walking around and pointing at the wall, asking if “that” was Mickey’s voice as he pointed to all things red in the room. However, the Pixar Shorts were about to begin so the family called the little kid back so they could all enter the theater together.

As the child ran backwards back up the hill to his family, he said “Bye Mickey, bye. I hope you find your voice. I didn’t take it but I hope you find your voice!”

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We love hearing magical moment stories like this one!

Do you have a magical moment story you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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