Fans Show Frustration as Guest Reveals Lack of Theming at Disney World Resorts

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One of the things Guests love about the Disney Parks is the uniqueness and the fact that they can’t find anything else like it.

At Walt Disney World specifically, not only are there four theme parks — Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom — but there are also two water parks, a shopping and dining district, and more than 25 Resort hotels — each uniquely themed and offer something special (or so we thought).

pop century
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If Guests are looking to stay at a Resort hotel on a budget, many opt for one of the All-Star Resorts — All-Star Music, All-Star Movies, or All-Star Sports — or Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Disney advertises that each of these Resort hotels offer unique theming and offerings, but one Disney World Guest pointed out something a bit shocking to many.

In a Tweet posted to Twitter, user Sonder Quest shared side by side photos — one of Disney’s Pop Century and one of Disney’s All-Star Music.

One of these is Pop Century. One is All Star Music. 😶

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The user then replied to their own Tweet, writing:

I love how unique the theming between the different resorts are, but it seems the moment you step into your room, that’s all over…

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Another Disney fan and user, Pinkie Pig, replied expressing their disappointment:

UGH. They used to be instantly recognizable from inside the rooms… so boring. 😩

This same Twitter user also shared older photos, side by side, showing how the Resorts used to have individual theming.

It is great to see Disney World upgrading and updating their older Resort hotels, especially with brand new wooden floors and layouts, but it is a bit disappointing that both Pop Century and All-Star Music have nearly the same look now.

How do you feel about the current theming at Pop Century and All-Star Music? Have you noticed this at any other Disney Resort hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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