Comments for Fans Show Frustration as Guest Reveals Lack of Theming at Disney World Resorts

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  1. Mike

    We stayed in the all star music resort first of February. We thought the room was excellent, looked to have Been recently updated. Did not care if it was themed or not. Very comfortable, and a good value.

    1. Brett

      Agreed… Been a while since we stayed at the All-Star Sports, but it was more than adequate. I mean how long are you even in the rooms?

      1. Thesmiths1013

        Theming unfortunately costs money, which defeats the purpose of the value hotels.

        1. Not just the value resorts. We stayed at Bay Lake Tower and Port Orleans French Quarter last year. Both have been stripped down to basics. No colorful carpets and themed bed comforters with throw pillows anymore. The simplified decor is a result of Covid I think. Floors easier to clean and replacing comforters between guests less laundry costs.

          1. Scott

            We just spent a week at Coronado Springs. The room was great (still themed, too) but the service was lacking. They will not change the sheets, even if you’re there as long as we were. They’ll come in for the trash and towels, but apparently sheets are dangerous.

  2. Brett

    Is it really that big a deal that the room is wildly theatric, tackily boasting a theme all over the walls and bed spreads and floors? Seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things. IMHO, of course!

    1. FL-Dad

      Exactly. How much time do you actually spend in your hotel room? For us, a room is for sleeping, showering, and dressing. A nice, themed room is a perk, but as long as it is clean, comfortable, and has hot water & good water pressure, we don’t worry about theming.

      I do have to admit though, the times we have stayed at Yacht Club, we were very happy with those stays.

    2. Kittymama9

      That’s what I expect and pay for…so yes…it does make a difference!

  3. Cheri

    Did the same thing to the Wilderness Lodge. So contemporary now. Awful 😖

    1. Amy

      The Wilderness Lodge room updates are just depressing. Completely lacks the rustic charm of the rest of the property. Really dread to see what they plan to do to the upcoming Boardwalk redo. I’m all for keeping things updated and fresh, but they can do that without sucking all the theming out of everything.

  4. FL-Dad

    If you’re staying at the All-Star Resorts, you are getting a MOTEL ROOM. Based on the photos, I have stayed in worse motel rooms. We stayed at Pop Century once and All-Star Sports once each, and did not like them at all. The new rooms, while pretty sterile looking, are A LOT nicer than they used to be! You get what you pay for (adjusted for the Disney Bubble) If you want better theming, you need to stay at either a Moderate or Deluxe resort. Or better yet, stay at an offsite (Good Neighbor) hotel, or the Swan or Dolphin; at least you can get membership points for those stays, and they are still considered Disney hotels.

    Despite being very local, sometimes we do stay on property, and feel lucky that we can stay at Shades of Green. I can get a Deluxe Suite for $320/night and it is right down the street from the Polynesian.

  5. Kevin

    I stayed at Pop Century 5 years ago. It was the WORST hotel I have ever stayed at. Tiny room, carboard thin walls, etc. I know (and knew going in) that its a budget hotel. Didn’t care about theming and we were barely in the room. I would never stay in one of the budget on property hotels again though. Would rather stay off property. You get more for your money and it takes just as long to get to the park anyway.

  6. Tyffni

    I’ve felt this for a while with some of the hotels. My dream has always been to stay at the Contemporary, but I have always felt the rooms were missing Mickey. I’m not a huge Incredibles fan, so that doesn’t make me want to stay there either.

  7. George

    I am extremely disappointed with the new look. So sad Disney decided to remove the magic from the rooms.

    1. RooftopVoter

      Disney might have removed the magic but many a guest have removed the fixtures, including pictures on the walls.
      Most pictures are now larger than suitcases so it makes boosting it a tad harder but one crafty guest many years ago in Palm Beach tried an early morning checkout with the mattress tied to his car roof.

  8. Not just the value resorts. We stayed at Bay Lake Tower and Port Orleans French Quarter last year. Both have been stripped down to basics. No colorful carpets and themed bed comforters with throw pillows anymore. The simplified decor is a result of Covid I think. Floors easier to clean and replacing comforters between guests less laundry costs.

    1. Beth W.

      Disney started cutting back on theming before Covid hit. It’s one more way that they are “saving” money for themselves, while still raising prices. They started with no comforter, but instead one of the runners at the foot of the bed, but at least it was something! Now they’ve even taken away that.

      1. RooftopVoter

        I know! It’s getting harder by the day to empty the room of all the staples of times long gone bye. Towels, bathmats, shower curtains, the TV. The nerve!
        But, take heart! If you spot the maid’s cart in the hallway—–you hit the Mother Lode! Contain yourself while you scoop up everything you can without alerting the staff doing the room. Take a carton of those shampoo bottles for the win!!

  9. Kittymama9

    It all started with Iger trying to get wealthy business men to use their convention centers.

  10. George

    We stayed at All Star Movies last year in April, the room was nice, but definitely lacking the MAGIC of the rest of the resort. Honestly, I had to walk all over the resort to take in the themes of each area they have there, yet when in the room, it feels like staying at a Super 8.

  11. Beth W.

    I think it’s great that they finally did away with the carpeting, because you know they didn’t shampoo it between each guest. But come on, they could have done a little bit of theming in the rooms. Now you might as well be at a Holiday Inn or a comparable. Actually, the Holiday Inn would probably have a bit more decoration. Disney needs to get over their overwhelming need for more and more money, and think about the people they’re getting the money from.

  12. Donna giblin

    We stayed at Animal Kingdom Resort last year and felt the whole resort was lacking the Disney touch. We are going back this year and have opted for Pop century due to having a 4 year old with us and wanting to be on the skyliner

  13. Disappointed

    We stayed at the All Star Movie Resort 3 years ago. The rooms were like an old Day’s Inn. Comfortable, plain and nothing to write home about. But, it was efficient for sleeping. Housekeeping was terrible. Our room, when we went to check in about 2 p.m., was not ready. It wasn’t ready to about 7 p.m. Thankfully, my kids arrived the day before us, so we had somewhere to go.
    Parks and resorts have all suffered and gone down. The only thing that went up has been the CEO’s salary. Pretty sure stockholders got a lift too.
    But, people continue to pay more and more for the lack of services, entertainment, and broken down rides.
    I was looking at the closure list yesterday and was shocked at how many places and rides have been closed. Then, there are the closures for refurbishment or just because the ride broke down again.
    I’ve been to Disney World 7 times in the last 20 years. Had to save to be able to afford for the family to go. Space Mountain was opened twice.
    They had a wonderful park, but over the last decade or so, not so much.
    Maybe if the CEOs would quit raising their salary br 1 million a year, stop new construction and fix what they have, and quit shutting down beloved rides, islands and venues, it would be able to go back up to the standard Mr. Disney intended.
    The magic is disappearing.

    1. RooftopVoter

      The magic began the death slide when Mike Eisner took over for his reign.

  14. Beck

    I actually love the new rooms. No carpet and a white bedspread that you can tell if it is clean or not. It doesn’t bother me that they are not themed. We do not stay very long in the rooms and I would trade cleanliness over theming.

  15. John Ellison

    I agree 100% with this. The rooms have lost their Disney feeling. It’s so different from what it used to be. The kids always loved the theming but it’s just like a normal.hotel room now.

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