Disney Hints at ‘Princess and the Frog’ Addition to New Orleans Square

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Princess and the Frog Disneyland

Disneyland is officially reopened! While it is exciting to see Disneyland welcome Guests again for the first time in over a year, it looks like Dinsey has even more excitement up its sleeve for fans!

New signage at a currently closed shop in New Orleans Square hints that a brand new experience, perhaps themed to the Walt Disney Animated film The Princess and the Frog, is heading to New Orleans Square!

All we can say is… we hope there are beignets involved!

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"The Princess and the Frog" Movie Poster
Credit: Disney

New Orleans Square is a beloved part of Disneyland, home to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, the Blue Bayou restaurant, and lots of beignets! As if New Orleans Square couldn’t get any more perfect new signage hints that something involving The Princess and the Frog may be going into Le Bat en Rouge, a shop that previously housed clothing from Disney’s Dress Shop merchandise line.

Disney has not confirmed any notion of a Princess and the Frog-themed addition coming to New Orleans Square — But take a look at these photos that state something new is coming soon!

This sign says:

Set a Table! Set a Stage! Dress the Part! Start A Rage!

Princess and the Frog
Credit: Inside the Magic

And two more state:

Something NEW is cooking! 

Gumbo is the spice of life!

Princess and the Frog
Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney is cooking something new up, but could it be tied to The Princess and the Frog? While it is certainly a possibility given that we know Disney is also set to retheme Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog, we cannot say for certain that is what they have planned.

Givin the Splash Mountain retheme, it would be great to see the film have an even bigger presence in Disneyland. As The Princess and the Frog is set in New Orleans is makes sense for the IP to be included in that area of the park.

In the film, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana achieves her dream of opening her own restaurant, Tiana’s Palace at the end of the movie. How awesome would it be to see Tiana’s dream realized in the park? Tiana’s Palace is already featured on Disney Cruise Line, and there have been plans to bring it to Walt Disney World as well.

Disney Princess and the Frog Restaurant
Credit: Disney

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There has recently been a lot of speculation that Tiana’s Palace would be coming to Disneyland but never any confirmation from Disney. The wording and colors of the signage in New Orleans Square does seem to point towards a dining location of some kind, so we will keep our fingers crossed and wish on the evening star for a Princess and the Frog dining location dream to come true!

Tiana in new orleans square
Credit: Inside the Magic

As of right now if you are a fan of The Princess and the Frog, you can catch Princess Tiana at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and enjoy Tiana’s Palace onboard the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder.

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What do you think Disney is going to add to New Orleans Square? Let us know in the comments!

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