Comments for Disney Hints at ‘Princess and the Frog’ Addition to New Orleans Square

Princess and the Frog Disneyland


  1. EricJ

    Up to now, the best counter-service bread-bowl soup at the park was at French Market, but they didn’t have gumbo…

  2. Kirk

    Probably turn the old suite that looks over the rivers of America to Tiana’s Terrace. Hell why don’t we just shift all of NOS into TianaLand Pirates can Be renovated to be a Boat ride through maMa Odie’s Swamp. Haunted Mansion could become The Dr’s Mansion and Louis can perform on the Mark Twain.

  3. Angela

    Woke Disney ruining Disneyland’s most popular attraction Splash Mountain.

    Huge mistake on Disneyland for ruining a wonderful attraction that everyone loves.

    At least Tokyo Disneyland isn’t.
    They’re keeping Splash Mountain.

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