Disneyland Ride Queues Are Shorter Than They Seem

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lines for disneyland shorter than they seem

Credit: Disney/ ITM

The Disneyland Resort is once again open and there is magic in the air! Disney fans are flocking to the parks to experience all that Disney has to offer during these unprecedented times. And although Disneyland ride queues are looking pretty lengthy, they’re all not what they seem to be.

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disneyland opening weekend lines shorter than they seem
Credit: Disney

As our Inside the Magic reporters and others may have noticed, lines for certain attractions were looking quite long. This was noticed especially for the more highly anticipated attractions like the newly refurbished Haunted Mansion, reimagined Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, and for the Galaxy’s Edge attraction The Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

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What we have to remember is that one of the California guidelines for theme parks is not having any indoor queues, queues have to allow for safe and social distancing, and no indoor attractions longer than 15 minutes. So with all these attraction queues utilizing their outdoor spacing, does this still call for lengthy wait times, or is it just an illusion?

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haunted mansion line opening weekend
Credit: ITM

Starting with the house of illusions, the Haunted Mansion. With new storytelling elements and an all-over refreshment, this classic attraction has regained popularity and fans are loving it! So much so, that we have even seen the queue stretch as far back as New Orleans Square’s Café Orleans restaurant. However, when looking at the Disneyland App, the attraction seems to be about a 20-30 minute wait, despite the long appearance of the line. 

long snow white queue
Credit: ITM

With new magic and a new reimagined tale, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish is another attraction that Disney fans can’t wait to experience. Due to the Disneyland queue not having proper spacing, they have stretched it to reach as far back as the Fantasy Faire area. It seems like a far distance before reaching the attraction, but with 6-foot spacing markers, it makes perfect sense. And for a somewhat new attraction, the wait time has kept a steady 30 minutes for opening weekend.

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smugglers run long line, short wait time
Credit: ITM

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For the popular Galaxy’s Edge attractions, you would also think their lines would be pretty long. Thankfully, one is virtual queue and the other is quite manageable. For Smuggler’s Run, even though the queue extends past the exterior of the Millennium Falcon, but our Inside the Magic reporter says that the wait was only 15 minutes!

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The Disneyland Resort seems to have really outdone themselves with having proper spacing and keeping everything safe and distanced when it comes to their attraction queues! And with low wait times like that- we cannot complain!

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