Disney Guests Divided Over Spaceship Earth Refurbishment

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Spaceship Earth is one of the most iconic attractions at Disney World because it takes place inside the main centerpiece at EPCOT. The attraction opened in 1982 with the rest of EPCOT, which means it holds a classic presence at the Disney World theme park.

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At the 2019 D23 Expo, Disney announced that that Spaceship Earth would be undergoing a refurbishment that would close the attraction down for two years. Disney Parks Blog originally noted that:

Throughout the attraction, you’ll hear new narration and see how light plays a central role in our shared human journey, coming to life in dynamic ways in a celebration of the magic that’s possible when we all come together. 

However, when the pandemic arose, Disney had to decide which projects they would be deemed as “priority” and which would have to take a backseat. Considering how many projects EPCOT has underway, some were doomed to be put on a temporary pause. Among them were Cherry Tree Lane, the Mary Poppins expansion in the U.K. World Showcase pavilion and Spaceship Earth’s refurbishment.

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At the moment, we do not know when the refurbishment will begin. However, the attraction may need some maintenance sooner rather than later. Recently, we reported that Spaceship Earth had to excavate Guests as the ride broke down. This is not an occurrence that happens often, but since the attraction has not been refurbished since 2007, the ride may need some TLC.

We wanted to reach out to Inside the Magic readers to see if they felt that Spaceship Earth needed a refurbishment, or if it was fine as-is for now, and it seem that the audience is pretty divided. According to the poll, 52% of Guests would like to see the refurbishment happen, and 48% is fine with the ride in its current state.

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Considering there is not an overwhelming demand to see Spaceship Earth refurbished, it seems Disney made the right choice to put that update on pause, especially considering how excited Guests are to see priority projects such as Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure come to life for Disney’s 50th anniversary. The highly anticipated ride will open on October 1.

Concept art for the reimagined Spaceship Earth attraction at EPCOT, courtesy of Disney.
Credit: Disney

On the other side, one could say Spaceship Earth is still receiving a big change! We do know that a new lighting package is being added to the exterior of  Spaceship Earth, not only for the anniversary but permanently. This will give Guests something to look at when entering or exiting the park at the end of the evening!

world celebration spaceship earth
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 Imagineer Zach Riddley said the new and enhanced lighting added to the Spaceship Earth exterior will be a:

“And speaking of night, to complement the design of world celebration out ream are beginning work on an enhanced lighting package coming to the exterior of Spaceship Earth that will activate this area of the park like never before. This lighting design will allow us to create custom programming that connects this icon of EPCOT to its surroundings and perfectly encapsulates the parks transformation. Again, taking this symbol of optimism and hope and collaboration across culture and time and really creating a unique evening moment that again will make EPCOT such a defining feature at night.”

Do you think that the Spaceship Earth attraction needs a refurbishment? 

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