Spaceship Earth Continues to Malfunction This Week

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Spaceship Earth

EPCOT’s iconic attraction, Spaceship Earth is currently closed due to technical issues, and it appears that technical problems of some kind have plagued the attraction all week.

Spaceship Earth Temporarily Closed
Credit: Disney

Just yesterday, November 10, one of our team members was aboard the time machine vehicles while visiting EPCOT when the ride hit a major malfunction that left her and everyone else completely in the dark.

While you cannot see much in the video below, you can hear one of the Cast Members come on the PA system telling people to stay in their seats.

It is not known at this time if yesterday’s breakdown and today’s temporary closure are related in any way.

Spaceship Earth was due for a major overhaul which was originally presented as a part of EPCOT’s revamp in preparation for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. However, due to delays and cutbacks triggered by the pandemic, the ride’s refurbishment project was suspended and people will have this version of the time-traveling adventure for the time being. 

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“Why are you reporting this?”

Attraction malfunctions are an everyday occurrence at Walt Disney World’s theme parks, yes, but we at Inside the Magic want our readers to remain informed on the current events going on inside the theme parks. When a popular attraction like Spaceship Earth experiences what appears to be an almost multi-day closure due to technical issues, a story about the event is warranted so none of the would-be Guests go into their magical day with any false expectations.

This unexpected closure also means that one of the few indoor options at EPCOT is unavailable as storm clouds pass overhead throughout the day and should be taken into account.

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Have you been stuck on Spaceship Earth when it broke down? Where does Spaceship Earth rank among your favorite EPCOT attractions? Let us know in the comments!

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