Elsa Animatronic Malfunctions in Frozen Ever After

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Elsa Animatronic Malfunction

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Another day, another Disney World animatronic malfunction. Today’s glitch happened on Frozen Ever After in EPCOT.

As the boats make its way through to Elsa’s ice palace, Guests are supposed to be greeted with the beautiful snow queen belting out “Let it go” from a balcony before their boat is sent backward.

Except, this time, it appears Elsa did not want to sing. All these Guests saw was Elsa smiling and silent while the background music and the rest of the ride continued as normal.

Check it out!

Fans watching the video on Twitter took the moment to crack a few jokes.

@OneGoldenSun replied, “the hand dismissively ushering you back is cracking me up!”

@luckyjen1128 said, “Dare we say… she’s Frozen?!”

@AtCresentLake responds with a gif of Frozen star Kristen Bell.

@miladyofdisney asked the blunt question, “is she swiping left?”

This is only the latest issue Walt Disney World has faced recently with its animatronics. Recently at EPCOT, the Jose Carioca animatronic in the Mexico pavilion’s Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros attraction fell down during operations and disappeared for a few days.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Shaman Woman animatronic in Pandora’s Navi’i River Journey, lovingly referred to as Big Toe, was removed completely and replaced with a video screen. And over in Magic Kingdom Park, glitching animatronics have been reported on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid. Not to mention the malfunctions that have occurred in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After, EPCOT
Credit: Brittany DiCologero / ITM

Situated in the Norway pavilion of EPCOT’s World Showcase, the Walt Disney World Website describes Frozen Ever After as the following:

Voyage to Arendelle aboard an ancient Nordic vessel as you take a musical tour of the wintery world of Frozen.

Find a seat aboard your boat and let the lapping waters take you through a frozen willow forest.

Soon, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some “boulders”—a.k.a. Kristoff’s family from Troll Valley—before bracing for the cold. 

High up in the icy blue world of the North Mountain, Queen Elsa’s enchanting ice palace awaits. Behold the wonder… and keep an eye out for Anna, Olaf and a few more Frozen friends. 

This enchanting “Summer Snow Day” celebration—complete with many of your favorite Frozen tunes—is sure to melt even the coldest hearts!

This song-filled journey is a slow-moving boat ride with backward and forward plunges down short waterfalls. You may get wet!

Frozen Ever After replaced Norway’s original attraction Maelstrom.

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