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Elsa Animatronic Malfunction

Credit: @cristier0408


  1. davis

    actually elsa is like betty the yeti distant cousin i rarely seen her operate! And i heard from fellow cms that guests actually complain and think like other rides they will get back on it and elsa would be fine and its like it doesnt work like that…

    1. David

      Funny at Christmas 2 years ago we got stuck in the same place. They had to let water out so we could evacuate the boat. We did get several Fast Passes for the inconvenience.

    2. Barbara McCall

      What motivates someone to dislike Disney? Strange folks out there.

  2. Bryan B

    Disney related animatronics and mechanics are revolting at an alarming great. Everything Walt Disney or God is trying to tell you something

  3. Tacocat

    The parks are falling apart.

  4. Tanya

    Animatronics not functioning? Rides breaking down? Oh no! The Overtakers do exist! Ridley Pearson’s books are coming to life! I hope the Kingdom Keepers can save the parks.

  5. Melania

    Bello wow

  6. Michelle Strother

    I visited the parks in June 2019. Everything was a disaster then, every other ride my husband and I went on broke down. One of the construction companies that Disney hired is now suing them. Disney has never had this much construction going on, I’m very suspicious.

    1. mark

      we live in sue happy world so no it is not!

  7. Help is on the way!!

    Finn Whitman aka Ridley Pearson

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