Many Magic Kingdom Restaurants Remain Closed

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Many fan-favorite dining locations inside Magic Kingdom Park have remained closed since Disney World reopened to Guests in July 2020 after its unprecedented pandemic-related closure.

Disney has yet to announce a reopening date for any of these restaurants. What restaurants are closed and how could this affect your vacation?

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Dining That Is Unavailable at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is home to dozens of dining options to suit any vacationer’s wants and needs. From sit-down dining inside of Cinderella Castle to quick-service options in Frontierland, there is something for everyone.

There are a few restaurants that remain closed at Magic Kingdom, with no reopening date on the books. Is your favorite one of them?

Here is what is currently unavailable according to the Disney World website:

  • Casey’s Corner
  • Cheshire Cafe
  • Columbia Harbour House
  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
  • Tortuga Tavern
  • Golden Oak Outpost

Casey’s Corner

Recently we reported on movement going on inside of Casey’s Corner. While nothing has been set in stone by Disney yet, we hope this is a sign that they will reopen in the near future.

However, Guests are currently able to score some of Casey’s famous corn dog nuggets over at Westward Ho in Frontierland.

casey's corner
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Disney describes Casey’s Corner as:

Hit it out of the park with American baseball favorites: hot dogs, corn dog nuggets, French fries and ice-cold lemonade slushies. You may even catch Jim tickling the ivories to ragtime tunes outside. Soft drinks are also available.

Cheshire Cafe

Cheshire Cafe, a small counter service location that is tucked away in Fantasyland. Cheshire Cafe is home to one of the most iconic snacks in Magic Kingdom – the Cheshire Cat Tail.

Even though the Cafe is currently unavailable, you are still able to find the Cheshire Cat Tail treat inside Magic Kingdom! Click here to find out where you can find this treat!

Cheshire Cat Tails
Credit: Disney

Disney describes Cheshire Cafe as:

Put a smile on your face with some refreshments from this fairytale cottage-inspired kiosk. Delight in iced or hot coffee, tea and Minute Maid® juice drinks.

Columbia Harbour House

Located in Liberty Square, Columbia Harbour House is a favorite of many who visit the Magic Kingdom. We have previously reported on some permit filings for the restaurant and hope that those could be a sign we will see Columbia Harbour House reopen to Guests soon.

Just like with Casey’s Corner and Cheshire Cafe, you are able to grab the famous fare from Columbia Harbour House at another restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Tomorrowland Terrace is serving up some of Columbia Harbour House’s signature dishes, click here to see if you can still get your favorite dish!

Columbia Harbour House
Credit: Disney

Disney describes Columbia Harbour House as:

Reel in fried fish, shrimp or chicken baskets, lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, grilled salmon and salads. Kids can enjoy macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and more. Top off your meal with yogurt and fountain drinks.

The Diamond Horseshoe

The Diamond Horseshoe, which is also in Liberty Square, remains closed with no reopening date. Unfortunately, there is not another location inside of Magic Kingdom to grab some menu favorites from The Diamond Horseshoe. Fans will just have to wait for this location to reopen.

the diamond horshoe
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Disney describes The Diamond Horseshoe as:

Mosey inside this Old West music hall for an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal—featuring frontier favorites your whole posse will love!

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Plaza Ice Cream on Main Street is my go-to for a yummy treat to beat the heat at Magic Kingdom. Plaza has yet to reopen, and we have also now seen the Main Street Confectionary close as well.

We reported that the Main Street Confectionery, as well as many locations on Main Street and in Fantasyland, will be undergoing some refurbishments ahead of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. We anticipate that Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will receive enhancements while it is closed, but Disney has not released an official announcement.

plaza ice cream parlor
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Disney describes the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor as:

Indulge in hand-scooped ice cream at this sweetly nostalgic parlor on Main Street, U.S.A. Savor floats and fresh waffle-bowl sundaes smothered in hot fudge! Fat- and sugar-free options are also available.

Tortuga Tavern

This quick-service dining location across from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has remained closed since Magic Kingdom reopened last year. The outdoor seating however is open for those wishing to eat food at the tables.

Tortuga Tavern
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Disney describes Tortuga Tavern as:

Avast! Sink yer teeth—whether gold or pearly whites—into tasty pirate fare, fit for both scallywags and scoundrels alike.

Golden Oak Outpost

This small counter service location in Frontierland is still closed. This one is not surprising, as it tends to be most often used during special events, like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, to dish out treats that you can only find during the event.

Since Disney World’s four parks have been operating with a modified capacity of 35%, there is really no need for another counter service location to be open at the moment. Perhaps we will see this reopen as the parks start to operate at higher capacity.

golden oak outpost

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So, what does this mean for your vacation?

Thankfully these closures shouldn’t take away from you being able to have some of your favorite food and snacks at Magic Kingdom when you visit, as most of the most iconic menu items have been moved to other locations.

It is still good to know before you head to Magic Kingdom what is and is not available currently, and we hope you enjoyed a look into everything that is still closed. Be sure to check your My Disney Experience app once you enter Magic Kingdom for the most up-to-date information.

We hope to see more and more restaurants reopen as Disney World gets closer to October 1 and the 50th anniversary of the resort.

50th anniversary
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Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT, also have some dining locations that remain closed at Disney World continues to reopen. Check your My Disney Experience app for information when you enter a Disney World theme park.

Is your favorite Magic Kingdom dining location still closed? Let s know in the comments!

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