Bring Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Into Your Home!

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Many people are already anticipating the changes that will likely be widespread this year regarding Halloween celebrations! For a lot of families, especially those with young children, one big part of the holiday that may look different in 2020 is trick-or-treating.

Halloween is usually seen as a pretty social holiday — typically spent in costume with friends and visiting the homes of neighbors in search of a spooky surprise or tasty treat. But the consistent anxiety that is accompanying most people this year due to the ongoing spread of the global pandemic, is causing many parents to reconsider the usual happenings of Halloween night.

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Creating Halloween Magic Amid a Year of Cancellations

How do we maintain these long-loved holiday traditions this year when social distancing and pandemic fears seem to be plaguing us each at varying degrees? I know that the cancellation of this years Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights left many people feeling especially defeated.

Some are asking how we can maintain a sense of normalcy as we roll into the holidays? If you’re one of the many people who are nervous to send their kids out trick-or-treating this year, there is a simple solution to keeping the magic alive on this holiday and it can all happen from the comfort of your home!

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How to Bring Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party to Our Homes This Year

Something that I thought of this year — in similar fashion to trunk-or-treat — is to condense the widespread nature of trick or treating and bring it into your home. To make it even better — sprinkle in some Disney Magic and theme the occasion like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Even though the party is cancelled this year, it can still be done at home!
How can this be done to still make it feel authentic? All you need are some spooky and fun Halloween decorations, a few doors and a lot of imagination! Start by enlisting some help, because this might be a lot of work for one person to pull off.
Mickey and Minnie Halloween
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All It Takes Is Decorations, Imagination and Disney Magic!

To start, I would suggest having your kids out of the house while you work to get everything set up. Use decorations such as wrapping paper, construction paper, and print outs to theme different doors and rooms of your house to mimic the different lands of the Magic Kingdom.

The goal is to create the illusion that your kids are going to different lands of the parks, rather that different rooms in a house, to trick or treat — Just like they would in the park! For rooms without doors that still have entryways, you can use streamers to give your kids a sensory element to their indoor trick-or-treating. String orange and purple lights throughout the hallway and turn off all overheads so it feels like night time. You could even go as far as getting a small smoke machine to make it extra fun and creepy for kids that aren’t scared too easily to walk through the hall.

One thing that Disney does well to make Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party feel extra exciting, is to play spooky music and soundtracks that are specifically themed for the party. If you want to play that in the background of your trick or treating, click HERE for a YouTube soundtrack that mashes up Magic Kingdom Halloween party tracks!
Journey to Halloween Town
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All Set Up? Lets Make Sure You Have the Finishing Touches for a Magical Night!

Make sure your kids are in costume with candy bags and that they go through the house experiencing each door (or land) fully. You can enlist your spouse, friends or other adult family members to wait inside each door, ready to pass candy out to the eager trick-or-treaters. I guarantee though not the same, that a little extra effort to create some Disney Magic at home will go a long way this Halloween season!
How do you bring the Disney Magic home around the holidays?

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