Cinderella Castle Gets Enchanting Updates Before 50th Anniversary!

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The Walt Disney World Resort is months away from the Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary celebration, and preparations are in full swing! One way the resort is hyping things up is by decorating Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.

magic kingdom 50th anniversary cinderella castle
Credit: Disney

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We have an inkling on just how the resort plans to decorate the park staple before the big 50th anniversary and we can’t wait for the final reveal before the celebration begins.

As we have reported before, the celebration will begin on October 1, 2021 and will run for a full 18 months. The resort has even deemed the event The Most Magical Celebration on Earth! As for the Cinderella Castle, the Disney described the decorations, along with concept art, to come as follows:

cinderella castle concept art
Credit: D23

As part of the celebration, Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park will add to its royal makeover from last year. As you can see in this new artist rendering, the castle will feature golden bunting and a 50th anniversary crest as part of its festive new look.

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Thanks to @bioreconstruct on Twitter, we now have another update to the ongoing preparations on the Cinderella Castle.

We can see the decorations continue to be added to the side of the castle. As the weeks go by, Disney has been adding more and more shimmering decor.

In the photos below, you can see that in addition to the bunting, the painting of the roof is ongoing.

Here’s another close up image of the Cinderella Castle update. The roof will soon be completely painted to match the new “EARidescent” blue of the rest of the castle rooftops.

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As for the rest of the décor for Magic Kingdom‘s Cinderella Castle, there’s still plenty to come as Disney gradually updates it, adding even more decorations over time. Keep in mind that Guests visiting the park still have a few months until the final reveal. However, this slow and gradual reveal of the castle’s 50th look has left Walt Disney World fans a little split. Some prefer more of a surprise reveal, while others enjoy watching the transformation over time.

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One thing is for sure — this celebration is about to be one of epic proportions and we cannot wait for what’s in store!

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