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Despite Walt Disney World remaining flexible as Guests return to the Most Magical Place on Earth, construction and upgrades have not stopped. From the reimagining of the “welcome gate” outside the Resort to small upgrades within the Monorail line and other attractions, ongoing maintenance means that Walt Disney World Resort is healthy! Magic Kingdom, for one, has had three permits filed for work on various attractions.

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Permits Filed for Magic Kingdom

Here is a rundown of the Magic Kingdom permits that have recently been filed for our favorite family theme park! The Town Square Theatre, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean — three core attractions — have all had work ordered. Let’s dig into what we might be able to expect!

Town Square Theatre

Town Square Theater magic kingdom
Credit: ITM Reporter Yee, circa 2014

In the initial Main Street “hub” that Disney Guests encounter in Magic Kingdom lies the Town Square Theatre. Sleepily hiding to the right of the interior gates, the theatre holds a small shop, a hat store (grab your embroidered personalized Mickey Ears here!), and special meet and greet areas for Mickey Mouse himself and Tinker Bell.

A new permit has been filed for the removal, refurbishment, and reinstallation of the existing marquee sign that hangs above the entry. There could be several reasons for this type of work, from basic paint to replacement of lights to the larger (yet unlikely) swapping out of sponsorships. The Town Square Theater is currently closed, so this is a great time for repairs and upgrades!

Splash Mountain in Frontierland

Splash Mountain
Credit: ITM

While Splash Mountain is due for a massive overhaul in the coming months or years — an exactly timeline for the Princess and the Frog re-theme has not been announced — right now the ride is operational and in nearly its original state. Permits have been filed for labor, materials, and/or electrical supplies for upcoming construction. Although there are any number of reasons for this sort of work, it could theoretically refer to early skeletal repairs or basic maintenance for the attraction to be appropriately “reskinned.”

Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland

pirates of the caribbean
Credit: Disney

YO HO YO HO A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME! An essential attraction at Walt Disney World Resort, this sprawling dark ride takes you on an adventure alongside the roughest pirates that ever sailed the seven seas! Don’t get caught up in their tirades!

Our beloved Adventureland attraction — Pirates of the Caribbean — has had permits filed  for coming upgrades. Similar to Splash Mountain, the permits are covering the provision of labor, materials, and/or electrical supplies for construction.

It’s worth noting that there is also work going on at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn. While this is a favorite Walt Disney World dining stop for us, we’re glad that the restaurant remains open during work, and hope that these three Magic Kingdom attractions will remain open as well. Here’s to adventure as the 50th anniversary draws closer!

What kind of work do you anticipate finding on these Magic Kingdom Park attractions? Leave us a comment below!

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