Disney World’s Entrance Sign Isn’t Looking Too Magical

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With the Disney World entrance signs undergoing refurbishment, it has left a not-so-pleasant view of the sign in the meantime.

Disney World recently announced that the classic entry way arches that so many Guests have ridden under time and time again to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, were all going to be re-themed and get a major cosmetic update. From what we have seen in photo renderings, it looks like the colorful entrance sign is going to now hold a royal blue color scheme for Guests when they enter the park. It resembles the new Cinderella Castle royal makeover! As you can see below, this is what the sign previously looked like — and will look like after the project is completed.

Disney World Entrance
Credit: Disney

Disney World has 8 entry points, with 5 of them having some sort of major sign upon entry, and it seems the entry signs to Disney Springs, and other Official Disney World Resorts like the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista are looking rather scratched. After driving by the other day, it seems that the refurbishment work on this point of entry has officially begun. As you can see below, the sign that holds Mickey Mouse has been seriously roughed-up in order to add a new coat of paint to the mix.

Credit: ITM

Although you can’t fully see it here, the Walt Disney World sign next to Mickey has been fully painted white, giving it a fresh base to add paint to and re-create the signs aesthetic with the new royal blue palette. Below, however, we can see that Minnie Mouse is bubble wrapped to protect her perfect self from the inevitable sanding of the sign. It seems that, although the signs are being repainted, our 2 favorite mice are quite perfect the way they are.

Credit: ITM

This color change comes in the wake of the new royal blue / pink tones taking over Walt Disney World. First, we saw Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom get a pink and blue makeover, and following that, the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza underwent the exact same refurbishment, perfectly matching the castle.

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The entry signs are not going to be heavy in pinks, but the regal blue color we are used to seeing is definitely the major color leader here. Now, we must wait to see if the TTC ties it’s dated color look into the new pink and blue magical color scheme!

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