Fans Share Which Disney Rides Went From Least Favorite to Top of the List

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Scared of Attractions

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Disney Parks aren’t known for having super thrilling rides like Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, or Universal Studios, but there are still a few attractions at the Disney Parks that will make the palms sweaty. For some people, thrilling rides are just a no-go, and I’m not going to lie, I’m one of them.

For others, there are rides that scared them, but they decided to conquered their fears anyways.

Tower of Terror
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One Reddit user, charlotteloumorgan, wanted to hear other Disney fans’ stories and so she asked this question, “What’s one ride you were initially scared of, but then rode and you ended up loving?”

We’ve read through all the answers of fellow Reddit users, and there are a few answers that stood out amongst the rest!

Expedition Everest

expedition everest track
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Expedition Everest is located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. Most conversations from Disney fans surround the Yeti animatronic within this attraction, who even Disney Imagineer, Joe Rohde has spoken out about.

In this case, many Guests are actually terrified of this ride for its height and the part of the ride that goes backward. One Reddit user, OSUJillyBean, commented:

Terrified of Everest and refused to ride it during our first trip after it opened. Husband finally convinced me on the second visit to give it a try. Enjoyed it but it was raining and the raindrops kind of stung.

You can ride this attraction virtually through the video below by Disney Parks Blog:

Space Mountain

This ride blasts off you into the atmosphere of space with the cold winds, darkness, and only light from the stars. Space Mountain has become quite a popular attraction at both the Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World Resort that has just the right amount of thrill, so much so that Disney has a movie in pre-production based on this attraction.

disney world space mountain
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One Reddit user, CaaaaakeRose, commented:

Space Mountain still gives me a sense of dread when I ride it, but I do it every time. I always feel amazing afterward, but the whole ride I’m a ball of anxiety and fear.

If you’ve ever had the experience of riding Space Mountain with the lights on, believe it or not, it gets even a little more scary. No spoilers here if you’ve never experienced that, but if you’re really interested, you can read more about it here, along with everything else you need to know about Space Mountain!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

rock n rollercoaster
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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster has always been known for its high speed and is considered a thrill attraction, but it has also been a bit of a controversial attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort.

It may seem to fit into the theme of Hollywood Studios, where the attraction is located, but how does it fit into a Disney theme? With that said, some have called for the attraction to be replaced with something new, but it did get some recent updates which probably means that won’t be happening in the near future.

For many who have rode this ride, they have really enjoyed it even with being a little frightened at first. That being said, many seem to be okay with it sticking around for a while.

Reddit user carolinejay commented:

I was scared of RnR because I thought I would barf. I was wrong. It’s my fav ride at HS 🙂

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror
Credit: Disney

The number one most feared Disney attraction, but also the number one loved attraction, according to Disney fans is Tower of Terror — a free-falling elevator ride.

This attraction has a home at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. It once resided in Disney’s California Adventure at Disneyland Resort, but in 2017, The Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror at DCA was re-imagined into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

Reddit user merri- shared:

Tower of Terror! I was 7 and creeped out by the queue and story line itself. And generally I was terrified my heart would stop when riding it. I remember there was a really sweet older girl beside me asking if I was okay before it started and told me I could hold her hand. Now it’s my favorite ride!

Many Guests who have ridden both attractions say that Tower of Terror at Disney World is definitely more terrifying than the Guardians of the Galaxy version at DCA, but will Walt Disney World’s version get the same re-imagining? At this point, anything can happen but in the meantime let’s take a virtual ride on Tower of Terror, courtesy of Disney Parks Blog.

For me, I very specifically remember a time when I was a little girl visiting the Disneyland Resort. I grew up about 30 minutes from Disneyland, and we would go multiple times a year. When I was tall enough, my parents wanted to go on Indiana Jones Adventure, and I was absolutely scared out of my mind. I was sweating and shaking the entire time walking through the queue.

And when we finally got on in the attraction vehicle, I closed my eyes, and they remained closed for the entirety of the ride, but as soon as we stepped off the ride, I asked my parents, “Can we do that again?”

Is there a ride that you were scared to go on at first, but really enjoyed? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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