Fans Share Unexpected Things They Miss About Disneyland!

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We all know everyone’s missing Disneyland as it’s been closed for the majority of this year. Many Disney lovers have chosen to stay on the positive side and reminisce on the happy memories they’ve had at Disneyland as we anticipate making more hopefully someday soon.

Reddit user RogueTwoNineSeven posed the question, “What’s the one part of Disneyland you miss that you think not many others do?” This started a thread of some very interesting answers that have ignited the memories for our five senses, as well as fun family traditions people have that maybe we’d like to start in the future. We think many of these seemingly unpopular opinions are more popular than these people believe.

Disneyland Missed By the Five Senses

Disneyland is known as the Happiest Place on Earth and some of the reasons it is the Happiest Place on Earth is associated with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches you experience in the atmosphere of the West Coast Disney Park. Many of these details are small but spark happy emotions a person can feel just thinking about it. Here is a list of what some Disney lovers are missing from visiting Disneyland.


  • Attraction queues
  • People watching (especially New Year’s Eve crowds)
  • Characters interacting with one another
  • A solo night walk through New Orleans Square
  • Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln
  • Sign Language Interpreters at Mickey and the Magical Map
  • Watching people experience an attraction they have never been on before
  • The Observation Bridge at Grizzly River Run
New Orleans Square
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  • The twinkle or whistle sound passing through the ticket/pass turnstile
  • Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln speech
  • Talking to strangers in queues
mr lincoln
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  • All the food
  • Coffee on Main Street U.S.A.
  • Corn dogs from Little Red Wagon
  • Churros (definitely not an unexpected answer)
  • Sharing a Jumbo Turkey Leg with the Disneyland Ducks
little red wagon
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  • Sitting doing nothing — just soaking up the atmosphere
  • Sitting on a bench on Main Street U.S.A.
  • The Disneyland Railroad
  • The tram to and from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure (anticipation of being at the parks/snuggling with family on a cold night)
  • Rocket Rods, an attraction that is long gone by now
dlr main street
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Disneyland Family Traditions

Disney Parks are a great place to spend time with family, and in this Reddit thread, some folks have shared some of their family traditions at Disney Parks. Maybe you have heard of a couple of these traditions. Do you have family traditions for when you visit Disney Parks?

  • Dressing up for the park
  • Snow White’s Wishing Well family photos
  • Random photos game (Send to friends and family outside the parks for them to guess where at Disneyland you are.)
  • Meeting new people from different places (A family made it a game to see who would talk to most people from different places by the end of the visit.)
snow white wishing well
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Disneyland Cast Members

One answer was extra sentimental, and it came from a Cast Member. Their answer was one simple word: Work. Other Reddit users expressed their sympathies for the situation that Cast Members are currently dealing with.

We can’t forget about the people who make every one of these happy memories and things we miss possible. Those are the Cast Members who are behind all the magic-making, and many of them miss making magic for all the Guests. We can all try to turn the tables and help make magic for Cast Members now!

dlr cm
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What are some of the little things you miss about Disneyland? Share with us in the comments below!

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