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  1. Kathryn Kolar

    I too miss the tram and the smell of the diesel as it moved along. I’m with the other person who misses the smell of Pirates. Most of all, I miss the look of the park at night, especially this time of year. We always spent the first week in December there to celebrate our anniversary and Christmas begining.

  2. Beth Good

    I miss waving to the people while on the train, see how many waves we would get back. I miss the Disneyland cats, the Disneyland band, the smells, the charm, everything!

  3. Claudette Guillen

    I miss the story windows on main street and watching the looks on peoples faces when they step onto main street for the first time.

    1. Brent F

      I miss seeing kids (and adults) queued up to meet characters. You can tell which ones are going the first time and which ones are for the umpteenth time, and they all love it just the same.

      I miss seeing all of the wonders in Galaxy’s Edge. Rise of the Resistance effects are amazing and piloting the Millennium Falcon in Smuggler’s Run are the biggest ride miss. The sounds of the train moving, silly goat at the top of the climb, and explosions on Big Thunder Mountain.

  4. Adriana Ricardez

    I miss celebrating my Daughters birthday with the family, I miss the smell of Its a small world, I miss the seeing the goats between me and my kids at the hunted mansion, I miss the conductor yelling all aboard at the train station, I miss the cold air in my face, and the anticipation of riding the tram to the entrance and the cold air and the tiredness but with satisfaction of spending a memorable and wonderful day with my family❤️❤️

  5. Polly Vaughn

    Looking out over the park at night while riding the Matterhorn, the way the lanterns glow while waiting inside Pirates to ride& the clicking sound the boat makes at the end going up to the exit. & of course “Hurry back” from the hologram at the Haunted Mansion at the exit.

  6. Rob

    Just the magic of Disneyland never will I lose that feeling!!!!!

  7. Mike F.

    I miss many things about it, especially the sights and sounds, like the music from each attraction, the aroma of food coming from Main Street USA, New Orleans Square and Frontierland. I miss the Dole whips, the thrills of the major attractions, the big spectacular shows, and the decor of various holiday seasons like Halloween time and the Holidays at Disneyland Resort. I sure hope this can all return in the next year or two.

  8. Gabriella Isabel Paguaga

    I miss Peter Pan ride Galaxy edge,fantasmatic show and small world. And I hope the magic come back soon to the happy place on earth.

  9. Gabriella Isabel de Paguaga

    I miss a lots of things of Disneyland especially Fantasmatic show and Disneyland Forever.

  10. Matthew

    I miss walking under the train berm at rope-drop, while hearing the Jungle Cruise engines revving up on the other side of City Hall, then looking up at Walt’s lamp in the firehouse window as I avoid the small puddles left behind on the freshly hosed off ground. Eventually Sleeping Beauty’s castle comes into view just as the smells of coffee and freshly baked pastries hit me.

  11. Celeste

    I miss it all..the smell of the water, the smell of the desserts, the nervous laughter when the elevator goes dark in the haunted mansion, the joy i
    on kids( and adults) faces as they chase down their favorite character…I had a pass..now that’s gone as well. It’s been heartbreaking. Disneyland was my to go place when other things were going badly. Now when we need it most…bitter irony.

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