Want To Take A Trip Around Disneyland? Follow This Parks Inspired Disney+ Watchlist

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Disneyland Disney+

Are you missing the Disney Parks? I know I am — That is why my plans now include following along with this Disney Parks inspired watchlist.

This theme parks watchlist on Disney+ is guaranteed to bring the Disney feels right into your own living room. By checking out this Disney+ watchlist, you will feel as if you are right in Disneyland Park! So let’s begin our Disney Day, shall we?

Finding Nemo
Credit: Disney


Starting over in Tomorrowland, we will first dive under the ocean by “riding” the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage — Therefore, the first film on our Disney+ watchlist is Finding Nemo. Next, let’s go high above the sky on Astro Orbitor and watch The Rocketeer. Lastly, we will blast off into space and explore Mars by watching Expedition Mars: Spirit & Opportunity.

Peter Pan
Credit: Disney


The next land we will visit on our Disneyland Day is Fantasyland! This fairytale land is filled with imagination, magic, and pixie dust.

Begin our visit by watching Sleeping Beauty and feel as if we are really inside Sleeping Beauty Castle. Next, we will head over to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey by watching Pinocchio. And lastly, let’s fly off into Neverland on Peter Pan’s Flight by watching Peter Pan.

Credit: Disney


Next stop — the wilderness! Who loves Big Thunder Mountain? If so, let’s pop on Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier and Pocahontas so we can pay tribute to the pioneers. And then, we will venture over to Tom Sawyer Island as we watch The Adventures of Huck Finn.

A Goofy Movie
Credit: Disney

Mickey’s Toontown

Want to visit Mickey Mouse? Then let’s head on over to Mickey’s Toontown!

This watchlist is filled with Disney classics to make you feel as if you are really inside Disneyland. Start with DuckTales, then watch A Goofy Movie, and finish by watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and feel as if you are on the classic Toontown attraction.

Star Wars
Credit: Disney

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Want to travel to a galaxy far, far away? Here is your  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge watchlist: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Winnie the Pooh
Credit: Disney

Critter Country

Our next stop at Disneyland Park is Critter Country — Home to one of my favorite attractions, The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh.

Let’s watch some Disney films that remind us of our favorite critters — Zootopia, Winnie the Pooh and Bambi.

Princess and the Frog
Credit: Disney

New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square — Home to my all-time favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion. So let’s begin by watching The Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy.

Next up, let’s embark on a swashbuckling adventure by watching Pirates of the Caribbean. (Personally, I recommend the first film but any will do!)

Of course, a visit to New Orleans Square wouldn’t be complete without The Princess and the Frog. (Added bonus — Create your own Mickey beignets by following this recipe!)

Credit: Disney


We will complete our Disney Day over in Adventureland. First, we will go on Tarzan’s Treehouse and watch the Disney film Tarzan. Though Aladdin’s Oasis is no longer in Adventureland, we can still pretend by popping on the Disney film, Aladdin. But we will end our day by pretending we are really in the jungle by watching the Disney Classics, The Jungle Book and The Lion King.

Which Disney+ watchlist will you begin your Disneyland Day with? Let us know in the comments.

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