VIDEO: Disney Spreads Hope With Maintaining Daily Raising Of The Flag Tradition

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raising the flag

Credit: ABC

The world is currently reeling from the damaging effects that the recent spread of the virus has caused on health, relationships, social norms and the economy.

We are all learning to adapt to a new normal, as we spend our days indoors and away from our friends and family, in hopes of flattening the curve and ending the spread of the coronavirus. Many are struggling with a roller coaster of emotions during this hard time, as we are all facing our own unique and very personal challenges.

But through these hardships, we’re all reaching for sources of hope and inspiration to keep us feeling positive, through a period of change with an unknown timeline. 

Cinderella Castle
Credit: Disney

Historical Park Closures

For Disney lovers everywhere, the closing of all Disney parks and resorts around the world has come as a shock. The highly successful parks have never closed for more than a handful of days since opening their doors, and we now face what is a historical and indefinite closing period that leaves many feeling uneasy. 

Magic Kingdom and EPCOT empty
Source: DailyMail/Getty Images

A Hope-Filled Tradition

This morning, Disneyland Resort displayed what many would describe as a heartwarming ceremony, in which the American Flag was raised over an empty Main Street U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom park.

This ceremony took place at 6:30 am and the video can be seen below or over on ABC’s website HERE

This daily act that has been a longstanding tradition at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts continues at the park despite closures, and for many can be seen as a beacon of hope in a wary time. 

A Time To Spread Disney Magic

Many people worldwide are leaning into their love of Disney right now to bring personal joy and activity into their families and homes, as well as spreading it with others. I know it has definitely filled me with positivity whenever I see how people online are creatively showcasing their love of Disney, even with all of the new social distancing measures being put in place. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

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