Disney Content Creator Spreads Joy with Virtual Park Videos

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Amid all of the changes we are facing lately, something that is proving to be challenging for many people, is staying positive and inspired while remaining home for an indefinite period. It can start to negatively impact our morale knowing that some of our favorite activities have to be halted for awhile, and we aren’t able to see the people that we would typically love to be interacting with. 

Luckily we live in a time where we are able to remain globally connected through various social media platforms — that despite physical separation — have the power to bring us together. This is especially true in times of difficulty. 

Content creator shares Disney magic from home

One Instagram content creator, is using her platform to share a little lighthearted humor and Disney magic during this period of social distancing. With the parks and resorts closed worldwide, Allyson has leaned into her imagination to create a ‘quarantine park day series’ where she uses filters to reenact her and her boyfriend Daniel’s adventures through Disney. 

Quarantine Park Day Series

Inside the Magic even had the chance to catch up with Allyson! When we asked her what the inspiration behind the project was, Allyson responded with, “We are stuck at home, so why not bring the Magic home to us.” She added that the way they act throughout the videos is pretty normal in comparison to how they act on a typical park outing and that they are attempting to re-enact as many rides and shows as possible “within our three fast-passes of course.”

Allyson also told Inside the Magic that she enjoys doing it, saying “Whatever way we can bring a little bit of normalcy to this weird time for us all will make me happy, and hopefully (make) others happy as well!”

So far the video series has just been through the Disney parks, but when she finishes those up — depending on how long this period of isolation will last — she has plans to move on to the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure parks as well! 

You too can bring Disney magic to your home!

Allyson is incredibly excited to be able to get back into the parks when this is all over–as I know we can all relate to — but until then has shared some tips on how to bring more magic into daily life outside the parks. 

“Don’t be afraid to get creative! Whether it be making ridiculous videos reenacting your favorite rides or making your favorite Disney snacks, there are so many ways to bring Disney magic into your home!” She states that her favorite thing about the Disney community is the amount of support she gets. 

“I have always kept a positive vibe on here and I think that positivity is reciprocated.”

Want to check out the series for yourself?

We are all so grateful for creators like Allyson who can both entertain and inspire us at the same time! If you want to follow along on these quarantine park days, be sure to follow Allyson on instagram @magicandwishes and tune into her stories!

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Are you spreading the Disney magic while at home? Do you have a positive story to share? Send us your stories or videos via email at contact@insidethemagic.net. 

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