Man Hosts Drive-In Theater At Home For His Community With Disney Music Videos To Spread Joy

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Disney Music video drive-in theater

(Photo: Alyssa Keown | The Battle Creek Enquirer

With the spread of the pandemic, many have found themselves cooped up in their homes with their families for days on end. However, one man in Battle Creek, Michigan wanted to change that by hosting his very own drive-in theater at his house, where he’s been playing Disney music videos on the side of his home for all who attend.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, a line of vehicles could be seen parked in front of Tom Wood’s home Sunday night where guests sat in their cars to watch a 20-foot tall Elsa sing “Let it Go” along with nine other songs from favorite Disney films.

Disney Music video drive-in theater
(Photo: Alyssa Keown | The Battle Creek Enquirer

You might be wondering, how were guests able to hear the music from the music videos projected onto Wood’s home? Well, Wood set up a transmitter to frequency 88.7 FM, which transmits the audio of the Disney music videos directly to all the cars who attend.

“Right now we need joy,” Wood said to Battle Creek Enquirer. “There are so many negative things going on around the world on the news, everything on lockdown. We’re really practicing social distancing and trying to lower that curve. This is just one of those small things that I can do to bring joy to the people that aren’t being able to get out and have that outlet. It’s a safe, easy and entertaining way for people to take a break.”

Disney Music video drive-in theater
(Photo: Alyssa Keown | The Battle Creek Enquirer

The music videos played on Wood’s home are part of a half-hour compilation video that ranks the top 10 Disney songs. Wood plays the full video on a loop, which runs non-stop from 8 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. daily.

An executive order was passed Monday for Michigan residents to “stay at home” by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at a press conference. “You can go outside. Get some fresh air, walk your dog, just be smart about it and maintain that six-foot distance,” said Whitmer at the press conference.

These words from the governor inspired Woods, who reportedly has a background in technical theater. Additionally, Wood already owned the equipment required to project the video.

The experience is completely free for all who attend. However, it’s worth noting that this drive-in theater experience is meant to be a practice of social distancing–meaning all who attend are expected to stay inside their car for the duration of the magical display.

All wood asks of attendees is that they turn their headlights off upon arrival so everyone can enjoy the larger-than-life projection of the popular Disney tunes.

“It’s free, we’re not asking for donations or anything like that,” Wood said. “It is truly just come and enjoy, rain, snow or shine.”

What are your thoughts on this Michigan man acting out of the kindness of his heart to offer local families to his community the opportunity to practice social distancing with a bit of magic? Let us know in the comments below! 

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

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