Comments for Man Hosts Drive-In Theater At Home For His Community With Disney Music Videos To Spread Joy

Disney Music video drive-in theater

(Photo: Alyssa Keown | The Battle Creek Enquirer


  1. Harley

    So kind for this person to do this! These are the stories we need to get through this time.

  2. Kelvington

    In other news… Man from Battle Creek sued into oblivion by Disney. There only source of income! LOL

    1. Mark

      He wasnt charging anyone so disney can not sue!

      1. Kelvington

        That is 100% false! Any public showing of any Disney own property (i.e. Film, TV Show, Cartoon) is protected by the copyright infringement laws in the United States.

        Disney has gone after daycare centers and libraries for merely painting Disney characters on their walls.

        Last year, Disney made the family remove the image of Spider-man from their dead child’s tombstone. Something they could have easily licensed to the family for $1 in perpetuity.

        You don’t have to make money off their property to be infringing on it. Look at the FBI warning that starts any Disney video/show/cartoon.

      2. Mark

        They went after them bc they charged!

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