Bring The Family Closer and Keep Busy With This Fun At Home Activity

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Disney Villains coloring book

With everyone spending the majority of their time inside right now, it can be easy for families (adults and kids alike) to begin to get slightly antsy about what to do with their time. One activity that is good for everyone to do, and could be helpful in taking our minds off of things, is coloring!

Coloring has positive health benefits

Think that coloring is only for kids? Both researchers and art therapists have spent time proving the positive benefits that coloring can have on adults as well as children — both activating our artistic sides, while also giving us a calming outlet to self express and reflect. I don’t know about you, but I think now is a perfect time for that! What can be looked at as an activity that mirrors meditation, focusing on coloring a picture is something that can allow our brains to temporarily shut off from otherwise negative emotions that may currently be taking up a lot of mental space. 

Combine the relaxation of coloring with the magic of Disney — bringing some of our most beloved 2D characters to life on your page! Choose from some of the easier family-friendly coloring sheets below, or if you’re up to it — check out some of these adult coloring books you can buy, that also feature some of our favorite magical friends! 

Coloring pages for the family

(Click the headings to download and print the coloring sheets)


Uncolored Rapunzel

Inside Out

Uncolored Joy and Sadness from Inside Out

Star Wars: BB8

Uncolored BB8 from Star Wars

Mickey Mouse

Uncolored Mickey Mouse dancing the hat and cane

Alice in Wonderland

Uncolored Alicia from Alice in Wonderland

Adult coloring books

Want something a little more challenging? Check out these Disney coloring books below:

Color alongside the master artist himself, Thomas Kinkade, with his very own Disney Dreams coloring book, sold on amazon ($7.84). Click HERE to snag one for yourself!

Colored and uncolored Mickey Mouse at the top of a rock in the forest

Color in the scenes of some of your favorite Disney villains through the Art of Coloring: Disney Villains coloring book sold HERE ($10.19).

Disney Villains coloring book cover

One more awesome adult coloring book offered HERE on Amazon is the Art of Coloring: Disney Animals coloring book, which features art from all kinds of classic Disney films!

Disney Animals coloring book cover

Which one of these coloring pages/books is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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