Instagram filter tells actual Disney stars which Disney characters they really are

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What Disney Character are you instagram filter

If you haven’t heard–or seen–Instagram has a new filter! Created for Instagram Story, this filter will answer the ultimate question: Which Disney character are you?

Well, a few actual Disney Characters decided to have some fun with their families and put this filter to the test. They wanted to see–as we all would–if Instagram would recognize them as their characters.

The results were a little… off.

For example, Josh Gad tried it out. Everybody knows this talented beloved actor is responsible for bringing our favorite snowman, Olaf, to life. But, according to Instagram, he’s not Olaf:

Two other musical Disney stars also put the filter to the test: Adam Jacobs and Sierra Boggess. Jacobs was the original Aladdin for Disney’s Broadway Production of Aladdin, and Boggess was Ariel in Disney’s Broadway Production of The Little Mermaid. 

According to Instagram, they are the ones who are actually Olaf. See for yourself:

Adam Jacobs, Aladdin on Broadway, with his kids.
Credit: Adam Jacobs via IG: @adamjacobsnyc


Sierra Boggess, Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway
Credit: Sierra Boggess via IG: @officialsierraboggess

It’s on the internet. So, that means it’s true, right?

“How can I find this filter?”

There are two ways to find this filter.

  1. Find a friend’s story that uses the filter. The filter’s name will appear under your friend’s handle in the top left corner. When you click on it, a gray bar will appear that says “try it.” Click on it, and start your selfie video and show the world which character you are.
  2. Go straight to the source. The filter was created by @arnopartissimo. Under his “saved stories” click on the Disney icon on the far left. It will begin his own story and from there, click on the filter’s name in the top left corner and then click the “try it” button on the pop-up bar.

Remember that your phone needs to be in selfie mode, you need to face the camera straight on for the filter to register, and if it doesn’t start shuffling right away, click on the button that will appear above your head to get it going.

Good luck!

Have you tried this filter yet? What character did you get? Which Disney stars do you want to see use this filter? Let us know in the comments!


in Disney, Merchandise, Movies & TV, Music, Technology

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