My Favorite Disney-Themed Board Games to Relieve Boredom at Home

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Technology and television are great entertainment mediums, but nothing beats a game night with family and friends for true engagement. From arguing over the rules or a dubious dice roll to colluding together against a common rival, a gathering of gamers is a wonderful way to enjoy an evening or weekend.

In the realm of board games, there are hundreds to choose from. Many of these familiar family fun favorites can be found with a bit of extra magic. What could be more magical than adding a bit of Disney pixie dust to these table-top, turn-based competitions?  Gathered below are 30 Disney variations of my favorite board games.


Monopoly has been a staple in the games closet for generations. Finding one or more of the many variations on this real estate and Disney themed race to make the most money are everywhere. The Walt Disney Company offers multiple versions of the game based on its own characters and franchises.

1. Avengers (Disney Store)

Avengers Monopoly

2. Disney Animation (Amazon)

Disney Animation Monopoly3. Disney Princesses (Amazon )

Disney Princess Monopoly4. Disney Theme Parks (Disney Store)

Disney Theme Park Monopoly5. “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Amazon)

Guardians of the Galaxy Monopoly6. “Nightmare Before Christmas” (Disney Store)

Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly7. “”Pirates of the Caribbean“” (Amazon)

Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly8. Star Wars Monopoly Game – The Complete Saga Edition (Disney Store)

Star Wars Monopoly Game – The Complete Saga Edition




These fun Disney-inspired takes on the classic game of Operation requires players to have a steady hand and keep their cool.

9. BB-8 Operation (Amazon)

Star Wars Operation

10. “Finding Dory” Operation (Amazon)

Finding Dory Operation11. “Frozen” Operation (Amazon)

Frozen Olaf Operation12. “Nightmare Before Christmas” Operation (Amazon)

Nightmare Before Christmas Operation


Candyland is the perfect game for families with young children and they will love to play these Disney versions.

13. Disney Parks Candyland (Amazon)

Disney Candyland14. Disney Princess Candyland (Amazon)

Princess Candyland


The classic mystery game, Clue, is great for older kids and adults who want to use their sleuthing skills.

15. “Nightmare Before Christmas” Clue (Amazon)

Nightmare Before Christmas Clue16. “Twilight Zone” Tower of Terror Clue (Disney Store)

Tower of Terror Clue Game
17. “Star Wars” Clue (Amazon )

Star Wars Clue


The ultimate 2-player game of outguessing your opponent before your “fleet is sunk”!

18. Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship (Disney Store)

Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship19. “Star Wars” Battleship (Amazon)

Star Wars Battleship

Other kid-friendly games to enjoy

These board games allow for some Disney family-fun for even the youngest family members.

20. “Cars 3” Trouble (Amazon)

Cars Trouble Game21. Disney Pictionary (Amazon)

Disney Pictionary22. Hollywood Tower Hotel Jenga (Disney Store)


Hollywood Tower Hotel Jenga23. Super Heroes Chutes and Ladders (Disney Store)

Marvel Chutes and Ladders Game

Disney-inspired board games for older kids and adults

Older kids (and let’s be honest, adults too) will be able to stop the boredom with these Disney influenced games.

24. Disney Apples to Apples (Amazon)

Disney Apples to Apples Game

25. Disney Family Feud (Amazon)

Disney Family Feud26. Haunted Mansion Game of Life (Amazon)





Haunted Mansion Life Game27. “Moana” Sorry (Amazon )


Disney Moana Sorry Game



28. “Nightmare Before Christmas” Trivial Pursuit (Amazon)

Nightmare Before Chistmas Trivial Pursuit Game



29. “Star Wars” Risk (Amazon)

Star Wars Risk

30. Disney Villainous (Amazon)

Dinsey Villainous




With so many Disney themed board games to choose from, being “board” at home can be a magical experience.  Not only are these games great for family/friends game night, but they could also add a fun element to any Disney vacation – either on the road or after a day in the park. Oh, and, Christmas is right around the corner.

What is your favorite Disney themed board game?  Do not pass GO, instead proceed directly to the comments area below and take your turn telling us about it.

Source and Images: Amazon, Disney Store

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