How did Mandalorian’s mini star, The Child aka Baby Yoda Win the Web?

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Baby Yoda

He’s only been around for a few weeks, but he’s already won our hearts. However, The Child, aka Baby Yoda has already won the web with memes, videos, and all-around cuteness.

Disney+ struck gold twice with its live-action Star Wars series. Not only is the Mandalorian supported with excellent storytelling its star (no, not the one who never takes off his helmet) eased his way into the hearts of fans everywhere!

The exact name of this special species remains a mystery – to most. Bob Iger may know the true name of the small, green child with big doe eyes and floppy ears, but he’s not telling.  However, that’s not stopping the 50-year-old Yoda-like child from “winning the internet.” Memes, videos, artwork and more popped up overnight once the surprise creature was revealed.

Baby Yoda

The Child,” for those not following along on Disney+ refers to the bounty that Mando was tasked with bringing in dead or alive (episode 1). Over the next several episodes the small creature manages to overshadow and upstage his costars with each appearance.

Baby Yoda Wins the We crib

Cute, cuddly and mostly innocent, this tiny mystery manifestation turned creative fans into a force fueled frenzy which filled the internet with all kinds of tributes.

Baby Yoda wins the web

Images and art almost immediately flooded the web. As a result, Baby Yoda earned instant star status. Tattoos, homemade LEGO figures, and host of hilarious memes managed to make the Mandalorian’s mini hero even more popular.

Baby Yoda

UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh dressed up newborns to look like the little green Child.

Baby Yoda Wins the Web hopital

The Texas DOT even called on the creature to help with safety notices!

A sign on the side of a building

Baby Yoda Wins the We TX DOT

Baby Yoda  Wins the Web via Videos

Clips from the series, showing the Child’s curiosity also fueled fan creativity. Songs, parodies and even re-edited moments from the series featured the adorable youngling.

Baby Yoda Christmas

The arrival of this tiny turned the internet into a not so wretched hive of song and villainy. Songs dedicated to The Child released the most feared monster in the musical realm – the earworm!

We know that the copilot chooses the music. Unfortunately, Our hero may have missed this road trip rule.

Caring for a curious creature proves to be a challenge for Mando. In this video, sleep does not come easy.

There’s even a Baby Yoda Yule Log. Enjoy songs from the classic Star Wars holiday album, “Christmas in the Stars” while watching Baby Yoda float near a fireplace and Christmas Tree!

Feeding Baby Yoda

While the Child fancies frogs and the occasional bowl of broth, his human fans found food in his image. . .

These deviled eggs, with the help of some celery slices, resemble the child in his floating crib.  Of course, the green color would even make Dr. Seuss proud!

Baby Yoda Wins the We cookie

Fans hacked a simple angel cookie cutter to make Baby Yoda cookies, too!

Bring Baby Yoda Home

Of course, amidst the home-made toys and creative art, Disney revealed its own line of Baby Yoda merchandise. Additionally, Hasbro promises 4 different styles of action figures this spring (which can be pre-ordered now).

Baby Yoda Wins the Web Hasbro

The Child is certain to have even more influence on both the fan frenzy and the “Star Wars” universe. As season 1 of the Mandalorian wraps up, fans will have to wait a while to see more of this adorable Baby Yoda creature.

Baby Yoda

What is your favorite Baby Yoda/The Child scene from the Mandalorian?

Baby Yoda Wins the Web the Child

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