Disney will release Baby Yoda merchandise for the holiday season

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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ever since the very first episode of The Mandalorian premiered on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm. The second episode led to the character being turned into a meme, and fans around the world can’t get enough of this adorable little creature. And now, it looks like Disney will be capitalizing on the Baby Yoda love by creating merchandise in the creature’s honor.

CNBC reported on Thursday that Baby Yoda — which, we should remind you, is the unofficial name given to the character by Star Wars fans since the character strongly resembles the iconic Yoda — will soon be featured on The Mandalorian merchandise created by Disney. According to the news outlet, The Child was not featured on the initial merchandise launch for The Mandalorian because showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni wanted to avoid spoilers.

But now, according to CNBC and their sources, it looks like it won’t be long before Baby Yoda merchandise is hitting the shelves.

baby yoda merchandise
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl;s, Macy’s, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch will all reportedly be carrying Baby Yoda merchandise, and the products could become available on the streaming service as early as Friday, November 22. Even more products featuring The Child will be coming to shopDisney, Disney Stores, and merchandise locations throughout the Disney Parks in time for the 2019 holiday season.

CNBC also reports that within the next couple of weeks, Disney will be offering presales for Baby Yoda toys and plush, although at the time of their report it was unclear when that presold merchandise would be shipped to customers.

We don’t want to further spoil The Mandalorian for you if you aren’t caught up with the latest episodes in the series, but we will say that yes, Baby Yoda — or The Child, or whatever you’d like to call the little creature — is just as adorable in the show as he looks in the images you see in this article. And just like the rest of the internet, we can’t get enough.

Stream  The Mandalorian now on Disney+ and be on the lookout for new episodes dropping every Friday as well as new merchandise hitting the shelves soon!

baby yoda
Credit: Disney/Merchandise

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Source: CNBC

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